GregNormanVideoGlobal Brand Ambassador Greg Norman took to Twitter this afternoon … and if you missed to Distributor Q&A session – here’s the recap:

  1. Question From Meg Tessensohn:
    Everyone has their WHY for being successful; what is your WHY after joining Organo Gold?
    GN:  I appreciate the fact that Organo Gold, like my own company, Great White Shark Enterprises is a fast moving company that is nimble to market and consumer demands and who offers a can’t miss opportunity.
  1. Question from Keith Hazle:
    What advice would you give to another successful entrepreneur like yourself who may question Network Marketing?
    GN: The doubt and stigma behind network marketing has been removed due to people such as Warren Buffet becoming personally involved. But I recommend to always do your due diligence.
  1. Question from Will….that’s it @espiritu29:
    As our Global Brand Ambassador, what excites you most about how Organo Gold has influenced the world?
    GN:  Their ambition and goals to reach millions of people with a product that reaches the masses demand is second to none.
  1. Question from Joy Jenkins @crum1975:
    How would you encourage OG Distributors that may face some rejection?
    GN: In my golfing career, I met with many successes and many challenges. Throughout it all, I continually told myself one thing…”Winners never quit and quitters never Win.” A simple statement that says a lot.
  1.  Question from anonymous:
    Don’t Know who… If you had to give a tip for success, what would it be?
    GN:  Give it your all. If you believe in yourself and what you are doing, jump in head first. As a young golfer, my coach always told me DIN and DIP- Do it Now and Do it Properly. I have now passed this life lesson on to my children.
  1.  Question from Victoria Champion:
    What are your favorite OG beverages?
    GN:  Black Coffee & Green Tea
  1. Question from Jacquelyn Moore Payne:
    What do you envision for OG’s retail program, the Coffee Connoisseur Club?

      GN: Coffee Connoisseur Club is the perfect online retail option for customers – helps Distributors
work smarter while expanding their OG business!