starachiever-pinsIt’s never been a better time to reach for the stars — with Organo Gold’s new Star Achiever Program. Thanks to all the buzz around the program, we’re re-publishing this blog post due to Distributor requests.

The Star Achiever Program was designed to recognize and reward the performance of OG Distributors — specifically focused on consistency in retail excellence. It began last month, so it’s time to get on board.

Here are some of the top things to remember as you participate in the program and start reaching for the stars:

  • Consistency is Key!

The program awards participants who achieve a minimum PQV each month, for three consistent months. So, Distributors who reach that minimum in December will earn their 1 star pin. But they need to reach the same minimum PQV again in January and February to receive their 2 star and 3 star pins. If they fall below the minimum PQV in January, for example, they’ll go back to the beginning and have to start over. So remember — it’s all about consistency.

  • The Coffee Connoisseur Club Can Help!

One of the best new tools Distributors have to help increase that monthly PQV is Organo Gold’s new Coffee Connoisseur Club. This new retail website is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help increase retail sales, support that customer base and grow the business more rapidly than ever before!

  • The Rewards:

3 Stars: The 3 star pin can be proudly worn to OG Events, showing each Distributor’s achievements and inspiring other team members to keep their PQV consistent and receive the same recognition.

6 Stars: Those who earn the 6 star pin after six straight months of a consistent minimum PRV will, in addition to that proud pin, also receive special recognition — in the OG Experience Newsletter and at a major OG sponsored event.

12 Stars: To recognize the consistent effort required to earn the 12 Star pin, Organo Gold has instituted the Star Achiever Excellence Award. Those who earn this impressive award will be recognized at the 2014 OG International Convention, and have a special listing in the annual GOLD Magazine.

Need more specifics?  Check out the OGBackOffice, eVictoryNews and OGUniversity.