Social Media has become essential for businesses. Yet, many businesses still don’t have a presence or don’t know how social media can help promote their products and services. Social Media “are websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.”

Starting a social media presence from scratch can be intimidating for some to say the least and a waste of time to others. If done correctly, social media can present a huge opportunity for Distributors that have a plan and know what they want to get out of it.


1- Determine what social media platforms you want to have a presence on

Contrary to popular believe, you do not need to be present on all the social media sites. You do have to be present on the major sites, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN being the top 3. Instagram and Pinterest can be “optional” but these 2 platforms are quickly growing in popularity Instagram is the brand of choice for teens and young adults, while Pinterest has over 80% women user base.

How do you determine what platform is best for you?

If you have a target market/demographic that you’re after, you need to research what social media platforms they are on. We’ve done some research for you and linked to Pew Research, a credible source of internet data that can help you find where your target market is.

According to Pew Research

2- Select tools to manage your social media presence.

There are many tools out there that you can use to manage your social media presence. Here at OG we use Hootsuite to manage most of our platforms and schedule posts in advance. You can use Hootsuite for free or pay $10 USD per month for advanced features. There are other tools out there and it all comes down to preference and cost. Here are a list of social media management tools  you can use to save time and manage multiple profiles at once.

Buffer app


You can always use the native applications such as Facebook, and Twitter page. Having a tool that manages multiple profile helps saves times and keep all your profiles in one simple to manage page.


3- Decide on the content (create a content calendar)

A content calendar is nothing more than a table with a plan of what you will be posting for the week/month to help you keep organized and guide you with your content strategy. You should be adding content to your social media profiles that help you sell more product and help prospects find out more about the OG opportunity, through you. Here at OG we continue to tweak our content to insure we’re supporting our Distributors in every way. Take advantage of the information we give you and share it with your followers. Establish yourself as a leader not only in OG but the industry in general.

Below is an example of what a content calendar would look like. Feel free to copy and change it according to your needs. Remember that there is no tried and true rule. Keep on testing and post what works best for you.


Platform Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Facebook Inspiration quote Coffee Recipe Link to Coffee article Throwback Thursday CJM reminder Images from CJM Share family post
Twitter OG blog article Inspirational Quote Ganoderma blog Post from Trending topics Share a post from OG Tweets with CJM images Share Ganoderma blog
LinkedIn Business tip OG news blog Share a piece of the OG Biz plan Share something on a group Write a publication n/a N/A
Instagram Latte Art Picture of CJM Leader quote Ganoderma picture Picture of coffee in the morning with recipe Images from CJM Food recipe


4- Participate, engage and be part of the conversation

Are you taking part in the coffee break calls? What about corporate events such as the European Convention in Lyon, France or the International Convention in Los Angeles? If you are part of these events, make sure to join the conversation online. Our social media team is very active during convention with behind the scene moments and exclusive interviews from our leaders; not to mention is a way for you to give your own point of view of how you think the event is going.

Being part of the conversation will show your followers that you’re serious about your business and get to see firsthand what it means to be a Distributor with OG and what it means to live the #1 lifestyle in the world.

5- Never stop learning

Lastly, social media platforms are always changing and evolving. In order to stay on top of the latest trends you need to be learning constantly. Websites like www.socialmediaexaminer.com and blogs like http://www.sociallystacked.com/ are full of the latest trends, news and pro tips to help you succeed on social. Our blog also has some resources we’ve put together for you.

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