ShaneGetting started in any new venture can be challenging. So the team at Organo Gold work hard to give new Distributors everything they need to get their business started as quickly and easily as possible.

The first big challenge with OG is knowing what to do with “The Pack”. This renowned pack is the biggest and most important tool that every OG Distributor invests in when they first sign up.

Tip 1: Know Your Numbers
How much product do you consume within your household each month? This will allow you to know what size OG Pack to order each month.

Tip 2: Sample Sample Sample
The number one way to grow your business. How many samples are you giving away on a monthly basis?

Tip 3: How Many Retail Customers Do You Have?
Set a target of having a minimum of 10 retail customers. Neighbors, friends, cousins who buy coffee, tea, mocha or hot chocolate from you.

Tip 4: How Many New Distributors Are You Going to Sign Up Next Month?
Present the opportunity and send your friends home with a box of latte and a box of black coffee. So if you plan to sign up three new Distributors each month, be sure to add three boxes of Organo Gold Black Coffee and three of Organo Gold Latte, so that you can wholesale those boxes to your new Distributors.

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Source: eVictoryNews