Diamond Alexandros


Who would you like to thank for this success and why?

There are a lot of people that come into your life and I believe all have a purpose. Some are there so you can share and give, some so you can take, some are to motivate or support you, but there are some that will change your life forever if you let them.

My parents were always the example for teaching and supporting me all the way. Mr Dimitrios Gakis, my up-line diamond in Greece, is one of my closest friends and coach. He believed in me when I did not believe in myself. My mentor and one of the greatest persons I have met in my life are Mr John Sachtouras and his amazing wife Blanca Sachtouras. And of course Mr Holton Buggs Mr Shane Morand and Mr Bernie Chua. They created the environment so that we can achieve. Every word Mr Holton Buggs says has the potential to unlock you power if you listen!


 Is this the Number 1 life style in OG what you imagined?

The Number 1 lifestyle is constantly changing as you are growing. It is the number 1 lifestyle I imagined when I started, but as I’ve grown, my dreams have grown. Now I want to achieve an even better lifestyle!


What is your next goal and how you want to achieve it?

My next goal is to achieve the rank of Blue Diamond. My plan to achieve that is to help enough people achieve their next goal. Whatever you want, you can achieve if you have vision, faith and take massive action!


How do you support your organization to achieve the same results?

The best support you can give is to set the example and develop leadership! So I am constantly working on doing more meetings, inviting more people, doing more training’s and developing in all aspects.


What is your greatest achievement in life that makes you proud of?

The easy answer would be to say that my greatest achievement was to reach Diamond, but I think more so it is to stay focused on the end result, being positive when things are at times negative around you and keep working for what you want. The ranks are the result of that mentality.