If you missed P50K, don’t sweat it, because OG has you covered! We have been revealing the Top 5 Moments of Project 50 Thousand: Viva La Vida.

p50k_promo_2014_403_sm (2)“I’ve traveled all over the world, and arrived in planes, cars, boats, trains… but this is the first time I’ve ever arrived in an 18-wheeler with my face on it!” – Greg Norman

It wouldn’t be an OG event without a memorable entrance, and P50K was no exception. OG’s Global Brand Ambassador arrived in style as he jumped out of the cab of a BrewKup-branded 18-wheel truck and joined Shane Morand and Holton Buggs on stage. The truck became an instant photo opp for all Distributors, and blew up the OG Instagram feed almost as much as Ellen Degeneres’ Oscars selfie!

To watch Greg Norman’s arrival, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6f3pYUkFiiI&list=UU00h9WIgp0Sbzh5R0TNOicQ&feature=share&index=3