Visitors to the OG Convention this October should prepare themselves
for some seriously good local eats in St. Louis. 

OG Convention

When you’re preparing to journey to St. Louis this October 4-5 –for the Organo Gold One Team One Dream international convention –be sure to remember to pack one important thing — your appetite! With its rich history and wide range of cultural influences, including Italian, German, Irish, and French, as well as numerous regional American specialties, St. Louis is renowned for many unique dishes.

Here’s just a sampling of what’s in store for hungry St. Louis visitors:

Toasted Ravioli

The St. Louis neighborhood known as The Hill is home to some of the finest Italian cuisine in the country. It is also said to be the birthplace of toasted ravioli — a dish where instead of being boiled, ravioli is coated in breading and fried. Genius! Credit for this tasty invention is generally given to a restaurant that was called Oldani’s, but now goes by the name Mama Campisi’s.

St. Louis Style Pizza

We’ve all heard of New York and Chicago-style pizza, but St. Louis also has it’s own unique style. The pizza has a super thin, almost cracker-like crust, and is then cut in squares, not wedges. The thin crust, which contains no yeast, and the square slicing better support the toppings, which are generally larger than traditional pizza toppings. St. Louis style pizza sauce also features more oregano than a typical basil flavored pizza sauce, and the pizza uses its own unique cheese known as Provel, which is a blend of provolone, Swiss and white cheddar cheese.

St. Louis Stype BBQ

Always featured in the Top 10 when the nation’s best BBQ cities are listed, St. Louis-style barbecue involves direct grilling rather than indirect heat and smoking, and a larger volume of a sweet, sticky, acidic tomato-based sauce. The two cuts of meat usually used in the city’s BBQ are pork (usually a both shoulder which is slow cook until very tender and then barbecued) and St. Louis–style pork spare ribs (spare ribs with the sternum, cartilage and rib tips removed to create a rectangular-shaped rack).

Frozen Custard

One of the most popular spots along the St. Louis section of the renowned Route 66 is Ted Drewes Frozen Custard. The large crowds that line up for the irresistibly thick, sweet frozen treat have been documented on many television programs, including Food Network’s Feasting on Asphalt hosted by Alton Brown, the Sweet Tooth episode of The Best Thing I  Ever Ate, and a special Route 66 episode of Man vs. Food Nation. The item Ted Drewes is most known for has been dubbed the Concrete — frozen custard blended with any combination of dozens of ingredients, served in a large yellow cup with a spoon and straw. The mixture is so thick that a spoon inserted into the custard does not fall if the cup is inverted!

Grab your tickets for the OG International Convention now to ensure you don’t miss out on a trip to this amazing culinary city!