A recent article published by Forbes magazine mentioned how retiring it’s more about psychology, than about the money. The article cites a study by AARP that says half of all baby boomers (76 million) are interested in starting a business, something that will probably start a whole new trend.
The fact is, that most people have not saved enough just to sit around and do nothing from age 62-100 and considering that the average 50-year-old is estimated to have less than $50,000 in retirement savings, makes it extra hard for them to live in this economy. See full article
Why should you consider the OG Business opportunity?

In just six years Organo Gold has become a huge organization with presence in 37 countries.
We have some of the Industry’s top earners in our organization. The OG Compensation plan is one of the best in the industry.

We know that’s a bold statement but here is why we think so:

– There are seven different ways to make money and not all involve recruiting other Distributors.
– Incentives and performance bonuses offered to the top performers can include trips and even a car!
– Monthly targets were designed to be attainable by most people.

These incentives are very typical for big corporations, usually available in the forms of retreats or trips to the lake, however they are only available to executives, board members and rarely middle management.

Here at Organo Gold, this opportunity is available to anyone regardless of level of education or previous work experience. This is why it makes this industry so interesting to a lot of people, and coffee is what makes OG such a simple business to start.

For retirees who are looking to complement their retirement income they should look no further than the Organo Gold opportunity. What makes OG so appealing to retirees is our products. Coffee is one of the world’s most consumed beverages. Chances are, you know someone that drinks it regularly that you can sell to.

Starting a business usually requires a lot of capital. You need it in order to invest in your inventory, sourcing all your marketing material, your branding, an office space or retail location, etc. Launching your OG business is like buying into a franchise but minus the overhead. We provide the training, everything you need to get started and of course the support. Our business starter kits comes with samples that allow you to get started immediately. Not to mention you get to have our delicious coffee below retail price.
Starting with OG is simple, speak to a local Distributor today or click here to get in touch with one near you.