Napoleon-Hill-Foundation-Organo-GoldBy now, most OG Family members are familiar with Napoleon Hill’s inspirational classic, Think and Grow Rich. They probably have their own dog-eared copy of the best-selling book on their nightstand or desk, such is the popularity of the Organo Gold Special Collector’s Edition of this must-have personal development book. The book has been a hit since it was first published in 1937, and credited with everything from making countless millionaires to helping boxer Ken Norton in his 1973 upset victory over the legendary Muhammad Ali.

The book goes into much more depth, and the Organo Gold training focuses on teaching some of these principles more than others, but here’s a quick summary of Napoleon Hill’s 13 Principles from Think and Grow rich:

  1. Desire
  2. Faith
  3. Autosuggestion
  4. Specialized Knowledge
  5. Imagination
  6. Organized Planning
  7. Decision
  8. Persistence
  9. Power of the Master Mind
  10. The Mystery of Sex Transmutation
  11. The Subconscious Mind
  12. The Brain
  13. The Sixth Sense

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