og-grandopening-smallOrgano Gold is so proud of the company’s long-standing and exclusive collaboration with the Napoleon Hill Foundation. That’s why everyone in the OG Family was so happy to see Napoleon Hill Foundation representatives in attendance at the official opening ceremony in Richmond last Monday, June 30.

The company also issued their congratulations on the opening of Organo Gold’s new international headquarters via their website’s homepage, with a post that included photos of OG leaders, including CEO Bernardo Chua, Co-Founder and Global Master Distributor Shane Morand, and EVP of International Sales and Marketing Holton Buggs. The post also included a soundbite of Bernie Chua’s speech at the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

In that speech, Chua emphasized the importance of the company’s ongoing relationship with the Napoleon Hill Foundation. “Napoleon Hill’s principles, set forth in Think and Grow Rich, which has sold more than 100 million copies worldwide, are the basis of our leadership training and our business model,”said Chua.

Indeed, the 13 principles outlined in this renowned, best-selling book do help form the basis of much of Organo Gold’s leadership training. In fact, Organo Gold is the only company to have an exclusive partnership and their logo on the collector’s edition of Think and Grow Rich.


Stay tuned for more on this amazing book and how it can help you build your OG business and be more successful than you ever dreamed!

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