helping-hands-8_17_12In anticipation of our upcoming St. Louis Convention, #DreamTeam, we thought a few words from Napoleon Hill’s Success Unlimited, would be inspirational!

Success will come more quickly and surely if you learn how to make use of the education, experience, ability and influence of others.

Remember that two or more persons, working closely in an alliance by which they complement and supplement each other’s abilities, can always achieve far more than one.

Thomas A. Edison’s greatness as an inventor resulted from his genius for organizing teams of individuals, each with far more knowledge in their specialties than he possessed, for a common goal.

The greatest achievements of our free enterprise system come from group—rather than individual—enterprise. But the group will always require a leader. In seeking the help of others, you must be prepared to make an even trade. You can’t come empty-handed.

What do you need to achieve success? Who has it? What can you offer in return? Maybe it’s exactly what someone else is seeking.

If so, you can pool your resources and make the fight for success much easier.

See you in St. Louis!

Source: Success Unlimited. December, 1962.

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