simplecoffeeIt’s not one of the big global holidays — such as Earth Day or Valentine’s Day—so you may not be aware that today, July 12, is known as National Simplicity Day. The day was chosen in honor of American author, poet, philosopher and transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau, who was born on July 12, 1817. Thoreau was renowned for his book Walden, which was his reflection upon simple living.

Simplicity is certainly a philosophy we embrace here at Organo Gold. No doubt all of you are familiar with the catchphrase “It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s coffee.”This philosophy is reflected in the Organo Gold business model and training system, which is the ultimate in simplicity. Organo Gold Co-Founder and Global Master Distributor Shane Morand always breaks down the things you need to do to succeed in Organo Gold into the simplest possible steps, such as the four simple questions designed help distributors attract potential prospects.

Question 1: Do you or anyone you know drink coffee or tea at least occasionally?

Question 2: How do you drink your coffee (black or cream and sugar)?

Question 3: What is your favorite brand?

Question 4: When was the last time your favorite brand paid you for drinking or recommending their coffee?

Getting a conversation started with a potential prospect really is as simple as asking these four questions. As we so often like to say here at Organo Gold: It’s Simple. It’s Easy. It’s Coffee.

So here’s to the power of simplicity. Happy National Simplicity Day from us here at Organo Gold to you!