We talk a lot about Napoleon Hill here at Organo Gold. His worldwide best-selling book Think and Grow Rich and its 13 principles form the basis of our training and leadership programs, thanks to our unprecedented collaboration with the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

But just who was this amazingly insightful man, and how did he develop the principles that have helped so many people become millionaires? A short documentary by the Napoleon Hill Foundation offers us an insight into the man who was a pioneer in the then fledgling personal success and self-help industry.

You can learn a lot in 12 minutes, as Napoleon Hill would no doubt have told us. Here are just some of the things we learned from the 12-minute documentary:

  1. His name was actually Oliver Napoleon Hill, and he did some of his first writings under that name, but dropped the Oliver before gaining acclaim.
  1. Hill began writing at the tender age of 13, and continued writing until around the age of 84.
  1. His final book, You Can Work Your Own Miracles, was published in 1971, a year after his death at the age of 87.
  1. After leaving Georgia and moving to Hollywood, Hill had a Sunday afternoon radio program with Warner Bros. during WWII, where people could call in and ask questions of the burgeoning success guru.
  1. Hill came from humble beginnings — he was born in a one-room log cabin in the small town of Pound in Wise County, Virginia.
  1. Several monuments have been erected in Hill’s honor in and around his home town of Pound. There’s a mural in Pound, commissioned by the Napoleon Hill Foundation and the local historical society, and also a freeway marker, established by the Virginia State Historical Society, on the US 23 North, heading out of Wise County.
  1. Hill’s stepmother was the widow of a high school principal and her father was a doctor. She was the one who focused on education, trading the 13-year-old Hill’s gun for a typewriter and teaching him how to type up news stories.
  1. When he passed away, Napoleon Hill bequeathed all of his books to the Napoleon Hill Foundation, the non-profit he had established in 1962.

The Napoleon Hill Foundation kindly makes this documentary available to everyone on their website, offering viewers a behind the scenes look into the life of the man who has taught so much to so many. Watch it here and be inspired to continue your journey to success.

The Napoleon Hill Foundation will also be in St. Louis at the International Convention. If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet, now is the time!  Click here for registration.