OG Convention

We have been truly blown away by the response to the announcement that, for the first time since 2012, we will be offering a live stream to watch our international convention. In fact, the response has been so phenomenal, the $99 tickets to access the ‘One Team Live Stream’ have completely sold out in just two short days!

But fear not — if you missed out on the first round of tickets, we have contacted our access provider, and they were able to release another batch of tickets, this time for the still great price of $149. Remember, each ticket offers access to the pay-per-view footage, and can be watched by as many people as you can fit in your living room! So it is still an amazing deal and a wonderful opportunity to witness history in the making.

Watch OG Co-Founder and Global Master Distributor Shane Morand as he explains more about the strategies you can use to help the ‘One Team Live Stream’ build your business. And listen right through to the end for his great tips on how to use the “ogdreamteam” tag on social media to promote this amazing opportunity.

Don’t forget —there are only a very limited number of tickets available for pay-per-view footage at the new price of $149 —the next round of tickets, access will jump up to $249. So get in now and save!