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We’re super-excited here at OG as we get close to reaching our goal of 200K followers on Facebook by the end of the year. To celebrate with you and to help us reach this important milestone we’re giving you some reasons why you should invite your prospects, friends, family members and clients to like the Organo Gold Official Facebook Page.

Last week we talked about how to promote your OG business using Facebook. One of the points we made was to have a balance on the things you post and that your content should reflect who you are. We also advised you that inviting people to like our page is a great way to get your friends and family to learn more about OG.

Why should you invite your leads to like the Organo Gold Facebook page?

Here at OG our content strategy is to support our distributor and delight our customers. Everything that we post has a purpose. To educate, inform and entertain you and our customers is our #1 goal. Whether its details about our next convention, product facts or our very popular Ganoderma blogs, our Facebook page is a fountain of information that you and your prospects can learn from.

How can I get leads from inviting people to like the Organo Gold page?

Because you and your friend are connected, when you invite them to like the OG page you will see whenever they interact with any OG post. The first names you’ll see on the post will be those from your friends liking that specific post. Now that you know they like the content coming from the Organo Gold Official Facebook Page you can reach out and let them know you can answer any questions they have about the product. In the same way, if a friend or prospect shares or comments on a post that OG makes you will be able to see this on your newsfeed and allow you to react accordingly.

Is there an easy way to invite friends?

Yes there is! Go to the Organo Gold Official Facebook Page or click on the link, right under our profile picture there is a tab called “People” Tab (see image) and you will see a link that says invite your friends. Once you click on the link you will see a list of friends with the invite button next to it. You can either invite or click to see more friends. You can also search for specific friends. This comes in handy if you have been talking to a contact and you want them to know more about the products, Ganoderma or the OG business opportunity.

To show our appreciation to all our Facebook fans, we will be doing something special once we hit 200k followers. Stay Tuned!!