If you are a social media veteran, you know how hard it is to come up with daily content for your audience. As a professional network marketer, you need to be on the lookout for content that is relevant to your audience. So first, let’s take a look at what your audience may look like.


Defining your ideal audience


Are you building your team based on personality and fit? Are you looking for go a getter? For people that drink coffee or tea at least occasionally?  You need to define your audience better. Come up with your ideal customer. What does he/she like? What kind of book is he/she reading? What kind of pages he/she likes? Who are they following on twitter? What content are they liking, sharing, retweeting?

Create a persona, the ideal customer for whom your content is directed too. Once you have all that information, the next step is to find content they are interested in.


What in the world is relevant content?


Now that you’ve defined that ideal customer, you need to give them the kind of content they crave. For example, a person who loves coffee will always like an invitation to a nice brew. A simple latte art picture, will go a long way. Business minded people are more likely to respond to an inspirational quote or a research study. Knowing your audience is really key here. Go back to your old posts and take a look at the kind of content people on your page are engaging with the most. You can also take the same approach with other successful Organo Gold Distributors or pages in a similar business.


Where can I find relevant content?


Part of our strategy here at OG is to provide Distributors with images they can use for their business through our social media profiles. All the images we post on twitter are free for you to share with your friends and followers as long as they are not modified. All of our content is evaluated by our compliance team and given the seal of approval, any content that doesn’t meet compliance isn’t posted or is immediately pulled. That means that if it’s posted on the Organo Gold official social media channels, it’s ok for you to use and share. Here are some other sources where you can pull content from.


Organo Gold Publications App.


The newly launch Organo Gold Publications app is a gold mine for content. Full of exclusive interviews, stunning images, and valuable insights from our leaders, this app also hosts the Right Now magazine, OG Experience Newsletter, and over the next month or so we’re adding a collection of our previous publications. If you haven’t downloaded the app yet. Please download it right now here:

Andriod: http://bit.ly/1c9skK3

Itunes: http://apple.co/1Bgwd6K

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1Ra4y0o


The beauty of the Organo Gold Publications app is that you can share content directly from the app to your social media profiles. Check out this video for directions on how to share.



Organo Gold Social Media Channels:


Our official social media channels are full of content that anyone can share. If you’re looking for awesome graphics, head over to Instagram. We have a great collection of product images and videos. For real time information, check out our Twitter channel @OrganoGold for the latest coffee news, blog posts, or how we’re mixing our products with the latest trending hashtag. Facebook, the most versatile of the social networks, is where we put most of our content. We have easy to make recipe videos, unbelievable graphics, and information from events happening all around the world. Our blog is where to go to find out the latest news, Ganoderma blogs, Distributor highlights, recipes and so much more.


Below we have created exclusive images for you to use. Feel free to download and share to all your social media channels.

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