It is now Day 4 of the OG One Team, One Dream Convention Countdown — and something amazing (but not all that surprising) happened overnight — we SOLD OUT of the $149 pay-per-view ‘One Team Live Stream tickets!


Rest assured, we immediately called our access provider and were able to get one last round of tickets out of them. But the popularity of this pay-per-view stream means that we are using a tremendous amount of bandwidth, and are very close to maximum capacity.

So secure your ticket to see it as soon as possible! Tickets are now $249, which is still an incredible price when you consider that there are no limits to how many people can watch the live stream with you.

As OG Co-Founder and Global Master Distributor points out in this short YouTube clip, this live stream offers all OG Distributors the chance to help double or even triple their business. As Shane points out, mastering the basics and familiarizing yourself with OG’s generous compensation plan is one of the most simple and smart things you can do to help build your business.

So be sure to grab your tickets today and start inviting those folks around for the convention footage live stream on October 4 and October 5.