A lot of incredible things happened at the recent Organo Gold Mexico convention in Guadalajara — as a record-breaking 6,000 attendees heard not only about the amazing success so far, but the incredible potential for OG in Mexico. Attendees saw a lot of recognition on stage — as Diamonds and Super Star Achievers were acknowledged for their hard work.


But one person received more than recognition on stage. Monica Tapia received a wonderful surprise from her husband, OG Distributor Ivan Tapia, when he brought his mother and father-in-law onto the stage and told his wife: “You had a dream for your family, and we have been able to make that happen thanks to Organo Gold. We bought the car and the house for your parents, and now we are moving to San Diego, California, to make a new home.” Monica — who apparently had been told by some critics that she was a “bad mother” for taking her daughter with her to OG presentations at 11:00pm — was overwhelmed and overjoyed that she and her husband were not only able to provide a car and a lovely home for her parents, but now were able to use their OG business to help them to start building a better future for their family.


Heartwarming stories such as this are a big part of what Organo Gold is all about — and are just one personal glimpse into the way that OG, both with the products and the business, can truly transform lives. As our CEO and Founder Bernie Chua is fond of saying, when it comes to the so-called secret behind the OG business, “It’s values, it’s focus, it’s family.”