people-2Organo Gold distributors often start with a pretty simple question: “Do you or does anyone you know drink tea or coffee?” The answer is, around 98% of the time, “Why yes, of course!”

A large number of people drink coffee and tea on a daily basis. So the Organo Gold business model is ideal for social networking. It’s so simple to invite friends, family and associates to discuss the Organo Gold opportunity over a pot of tea or coffee.

OG leaders also like to incorporate coffee drinking into the training. Which is why OG corporate team and OG Radio recently revamped the company’s call support network. Dubbed “The Coffee Break Call”, this daily support and training call is now available to all OG distributors, or interested parties, simply at the touch of a phone.

At their leisure, OG distributors can listen to any of the insightful calls via the online archives. Or, they can tune in daily at the set time of 8:30am PT/10:30am CT/11:30am ET.

So, it’s as easy as fixing a cup of your favorite OG coffee or tea beverage, dialing in, listening, learning and being inspired.

Now that’s everyone’s kind of break!