Organo Gold’s coffee products have become popular with those who enjoy a cup of coffee, but who don’t enjoy the jitters and post-coffee crash that can sometimes accompany traditional coffee drinks.

For many years, caffeine received a bad rap on the health front. But recently it has become lauded by wellness professionals and media as a positive substance with substantial benefit to our everyday life.

But for some who are sensitive to caffeine, too much coffee can actually leave them feeling jittery and then “crash” a few hours after their last hit of caffeine. Thankfully, with Organo Gold coffee you can get the same rich smooth flavor without the negative side effects.

OG coffee is of course very different from regular coffee, because it is infused with Ganoderma lucidum, which helps to effectively neutralize the caffeine in the coffee without altering the rich flavor coffee lovers enjoy so much. As we have discussed here so often, Ganoderma lucidum also provides support to a healthy lifestyle.

So, with OG it’s a win-win: the benefits of caffeine plus the benefits of Ganoderma Lucidum, minus the post-coffee crash and minus the jitters.

Here’s wishing all you Americans a happy, jitter-free tax day!