So you’ve learned how to use Facebook to promote your CJM and use twitter and Instagram to get more leads with your OG business. In the last 2 articles we talked about how using hashtags is a best practice when it comes to social media use. What many don’t know is how to properly use hashtags to expand their reach and join group conversations.

First, let’s define what a hashtag actually is.

According to Wikipedia: A hashtag is a word or an unspaced phrase prefixed with the hash character, #, to form a label

Why are hashtag important to increase your message reach?

Have you ever heard of trending topics? They all start because of a hashtag – With them, you can group all the tweets happening around a conversation. The more people using your hashtag and retweeting it the further your reach will be.

For big brands it is a great way to build awareness around an event or product launch. For example, during our St. Louis Convention our #OGDreamTeam hashtag was viewed by more than 26 MILLION people! All because of the Tweets and Re-tweets from every single one of you.

What can hashtag do for my OG business?

1- Increase the number of leads
Let’s say you search Twitter for the #Coffee Hashtag. The search results will display everyone in the world talking about coffee. Now, you have a chance to either reply to their tweets or join the discussion. We recommend that you add some value to the conversation by talking about some fun coffee facts, for example, sharing this blog that highlights 5 fun facts about Portuguese coffee. Or, go to for other fun and interesting blogs to Tweet about.

2- Build credibility and position you as a product expert.
When you’re constantly talking about the same topic, people’s perception changes and they associate you with what you’re talking about. Make sure that you keep your topics consistent with the business and the products you are marketing. . To insure you’re staying on topic and compliant, is to curate and share content from our blog and social media channels. This content has been carefully screened by our compliance department and corporate communications team.

3- Branding and recognition.
Social Media marketing is so successful, because it provides a unique opportunity for people to position their brand. When your name is constantly top of mind, it makes it easier for you to talk about OG products and the OG opportunity. Consistency is key. Make sure that your message is consistent and that it aligns with your business and values.