EmeraldEx Sept2013One of the perks of being an Organo Gold Distributor are the many great group outings and training events that take place throughout the year.

Earlier this month, from September 6-8, 300 top Organo Gold leaders touched down in beautiful Miami, Florida for an Emerald Excursion training event. These events are all about having various Distributors from across the country come together, train together, and understand the true benefits of being an OG Leader.

And what benefits! Checking in to the stunning St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort, overlooking beautiful Miami Beach, the Emeralds who earned a place on this trip found themselves in a setting that couldn’t help but inspire success.

After taking in the beautiful scenery, the Emeralds enjoyed some fun and informative training sessions, where they learned many new and innovative ways to grow their business, with instructive training and personal mentorship from OG’s own Holton Buggs and Shane Morand.

They also experienced the challenge and excitement of Dragon Boat racing on the calm waters of Bal Harbour, which made for a memorable team activity! The incredible weekend wrapped up with a farewell dinner, where happy faces showed what a success this event was for all those who attended.

We can’t wait to see our Emeralds take their business to the next level after this informative and inspiring weekend — and for those of you who need some motivation to build your business, check out the photographs of this memorable event, and make sure you’re on track to attend the next Organo Gold Emerald Excursion.