Many people have fantasies about living their lives on the deck of a cruise ship. According to the, over 160,000 US citizens claim a boat as their primary residence. This is an increase of almost 30,000 over the previous US census — a significant rise to say the least. Clearly the living aboard lifestyle – cruising or not – is becoming an increasingly popular option. notes that there are five distinctively different lifestyles when it comes to living on a boat: 

1. Those who live on their boat and spend it cruising full-time.

2. Those who live on their boat on a seasonal basis, where the boats are used more like a vacation home or cabin. Some go cruising, others stay put.

3. Those who live on their boat full-time and go nowhere, or if they do venture out of their moorings, they do not go very far.

4. Many of the live-aboards that go nowhere, or not far, indeed seem to “have it all.” Many of them in fact, have what are essentially floating houses — such as houseboats or really huge vessels. Most all of these vessels have all of the modern conveniences of a land-based home, including shore power, cable TV and the internet. 

5. A small number of the boat-living population (often referred to as “nowheres”) live on usually derelict boats that are so cluttered and neglected they couldn’t go anywhere, even if they wanted to head out cruising.

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