It'sEasyCup - 403 (2)The statistics when it comes to coffee consumption are pretty staggering. One number that always gives us the “wow factor” here at at Organo Gold is the whopping global total number of cups of coffee consumed per year — an almost unfathomable 400 billion cups. That’s a lot of people enjoying a daily dose of their favorite caffeinated beverage across this wide world of ours.

The thing is, what are people drinking their coffee out of? Gone are the days of polystyrene cups, which are petroleum based, non-biodegradable and fraught with associated negative effects for both the planet and the people drinking out of them. With polystyrene  being increasingly banned (California, New York City and several other North American cities and states have outlawed the use of polystyrene foam), many other options are now available for those billions of cups of coffee consumed daily worldwide. And that means a lot less non-biodegradable waste being pumped out into the world. Which we can all feel good about.

Another thing we can feel good about? The new Organo Gold “It’s Easy” coffee cups. Not only are these cups made using materials you can feel proud of — biodegradable heavy duty paperboard and black recyclable PETE plastic lids — they come bearing one of our favorite OG promotional catchphrases: “It’s Easy. It’s Simple. It’s Coffee.”

With their eco-cred and striking design, these cups really do make an amazing first impression — and are ideal for any OG distributor wanting to capture the attention of their audience. One sip, one read, and the message is so clear. Which makes these cups ideal for all kinds of meetings, events, coffee jazz mixers — and their “talkative” design really does get people reading, then chatting about the simplicity and communal popularity of coffee.

So — for your next mixer or meeting, be sure to have some of these “It’s Easy” disposable coffee cups on hand. With 400 billion cups being consumed around the world each day, just think of how many, thanks to you, will be emblazoned with the message: “It’s Easy. It’s Simple. It’s Coffee.”

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