Fathers today can be all about a wide array of things. Some Dads are all about golf. Others, all about football. Or cricket. Or swimming. Or cars. Or chess. Or classic literature from Russia. Or mid-century modern furniture. Or Impressionist era art. Or the music of Simon & Garfunkel, or Jay Z.

We all love father’s day here at OG, because it allows us to acknowledge and enjoy one of the things that many dads have in common — a love of their children. And a love of coffee! Did we mention coffee? Or tea? What dad doesn’t appreciate having his kids prepare and bring him a hot mug of coffee in the morning? Or a steaming cup of tea.

This year, even if you weren’t able to get your hands on one of the 2015 limited edition exclusive Father’s Day Promo Packs, you can still make dad’s morning with a cup of his favorite Organo Gold drink.

Is the father in your life a gadget guy? In that case, why not have the family pitch in to buy dad a K-cup coffee maker. He can leave it in the kitchen for the whole family to enjoy, or he can have it all to himself in the den or garage, or by his desk at the office. Then you can also give him a sampling of OG’s best-selling line of K-Cup coffees — in a range of flavors for father’s of all tastes. For the classic strong black coffee dad there are OG Premium Blend Gourmet Black Gold and OG Royal Brewed BrewKups. For those with a hint of a sweet tooth, there are flavors such as OG Caramel Vanilla and OG Toasted Hazelnut or OG Chocolate Almond K-Cups. 

Happy Father’s Day to all the OG dads out there! Enjoy the day. And enjoy those lovingly prepared cups of OG tea and coffee.