sunshine and success.pngAn exciting announcement (and some stunning views) are on the horizon for Organo Gold Distributors in Australia and New Zealand. Distributors should mark their calendars for May 2014, which is when OG will be holding the first ever incentive trip for OG Distributors in Australia and NZ.

Since this is the first time an incentive trip has been offered to Distributors in this part of the world, OG is going above and beyond to make sure this is an unforgettable experience. Think top OG Leaders in attendance, exclusive and inspiring training sessions, all taking place in an exotic locale. This is going to be something that no OG Distributor will want to miss!

Qualification starts NOW! The Qualification period runs from December 2013 through to the end of February 2014 — and to qualify, Distributors must achieve a qualifying rank of Sapphire or higher for at least two of the three months in the qualification period.

Trust us when we tell you — qualification WILL be worth it. Those Distributors who do qualify will receive their airfare, accommodation, meals and exciting activities all paid for. Want to bring partners or fellow OG team members with you? Great news. Co-applicants who are registered to the account prior to Nov. 1, 2013 will be included in the incentive trip; and OG will offer a special discounted price for spouses and recently joined (postNov.1) co-applicants.

Stay tuned to hear the exciting location of what promises to more than just a trip, but a truly memorable experience — and start working towards qualification now!

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