Take your Organo Gold sales to the next level with these eight great tips for any distributor.

With the recent launch of BrewKups, the new single-serve coffee products at Organo Gold, there’s never been a better time to take your sales to the next level. With these eight simple tips you can do just that, and start to really refine your sales technique.


1. Set Goals
      To get where you are going, you need a clear direction. Be sure to set realistic benchmarks in
order to measure your progress and set new goals for the next sales period.

  1. Choose Your Target Market
    With Organo Gold, this is super simple — who doesn’t love tea or coffee or personal care products?! But be sure to think of everyone and every different need they might have? Does your neighbor have a child about to head off to college? Maybe they’ll want to put in an extra order to stock their child’s dorm room for late-night cram sessions! Think outside the box and you can always open up new avenues for sales. 
  1. Work on Your Network
    The bigger your network, the bigger your potential sales figures, it’s that simple! Stay active and keep your network growing by attending events, conventions — anywhere there are new acquaintances there are new potential sales!
  1. Keep Up Your Training
    Be sure to invest in yourself and continue enhancing your selling skills by enrolling yourself in trainings or short courses focused on direct selling, marketing and customer-relationships. And always tune in to the Organo Gold Coffee Break calls and other training sessions for the latest tips and motivational techniques.
  1. Manage Your Time Wisely
    Delaying meetings, missing calls — scheduling conflicts can mean lost sales. So be sure to keep good lists, prioritize income-generating activities, and make sure you have time for valuable appointments and meetings that could lead to more sales. 
  1. Maintain a Positive Outlook
    A cheerful outlook can really do wonders for your sales. No matter how many times you have been rejected, maintain a positive outlook and a warm smile and you’ll bring out the positive vibes in others!
  1. Be in Control
    One of the joys of working in direct selling is that you can take the lead and be in control of your own income. If you think you have the selling skills to direct a sales group or team, don’t be afraid to take full responsibility and carry on with your marketing motives of making more sales.
  1. Create a Great Working Environment
    Even if your direct selling activities require you to be out most of the days— meeting clients, attending seminars and closing deals— there are times that you need to sit down, assess you progress, make reports or simply manage your finances from your commissions. This makes a conducive working environment an incredibly important asset. Create a workplace where you can think and are able to take care of your daily, weekly or monthly sales reports and other such tasks without interruption.