Organo Gold started at the peak of the economic downturn and we managed to grow the business to into the top 55 direct selling companies in the world. Getting and staying motivated was key in taking the company to where it is today.

In today’s blog, we’ll give you 6 sure-fire way to motivate yourself and your team.

1- Create SMART Goals

S= Specific


A= Attainable


T=Time bound

Goal setting is a great way to stay motivated. Every week as you reach the goal that feeling of accomplishment does wonders for yourself-esteem. Don’t set yourself up for failure and always insure that your goals are attainable. Work backwards from your objectives and divide them into smaller and attainable tasks. Follow up weekly and adjust accordingly.

2- Revamp your objections handling tactics.

Sales objections are can be demotivating for anyone, especially when you continue to hear the same one over and over. Keep in mind that objections do not always mean no, sometimes there is a way for customers to ask you for more information. Have answers to those common objections readily available and it will help build trust and help you close.

If you get the same sales objection over and over, work a game plan on how you’re going to answer it. Try it and then tweak it as necessary.

If it didn’t work, don’t let it get to you. Consider it a trial and error. Once you get the perfect answer to your most common objections, write it down and use it with other prospects.

3- Remember why you joined OG?

Was it the freedom of working from home, being your own boss, having your own hours? Take yourself back to the time when you joined OG and remember why you decided to join the #1 lifestyle in the world. When you are excited about your OG business it will radiate from you! A positive attitude is contagious. Pass it on!


4- Talk to your upline, friend or team member:

We’re proud to call our Distributors family and when family is in trouble we help each other out. Reach out to a senior member of OG and share your difficulties with them. Every Distributor has had their ups and downs, just like any other business. Seasoned Distributors have experience in dealing with the change in the marketplace and can give you really good tips on how to stay in the zone (Zone 1).

5- Join the OG Coffee Break calls

The OG coffee break calls, gives Distributors a chance to share their amazing achievements while staying in Zone 1. These calls are usually moderated by one of our leaders like our Global Master Distributor Mr. Shane Morand or OG incredible team of OG Diamonds. Go ahead, tune in to the daily calls and listen to success stories from people like you. We guarantee that by the end of the call you will be motivated.

6-  Attend OG Events.

Distributors coming out of every event are fired up! During our last convention in St. Louis everyone knew Organo Gold was in the house! From the Taxi driver to the waiter in the restaurant, it only took 1 day for the whole city to hear about OG, it was all the same with P50K. Why? Because Distributors that go to events come out each day so fired up, that all they can talk about is OG!

Our next European event is in Lyon, France get your tickets HERE. Our next International convention will take place in Los Angeles and you can get those tickets HERE.

According to Wikipedia: Motivation is a theoretical construct used to explain behavior. It represents the reasons for people’s actions, desires, and needs. Motivation can also be defined as one’s direction to behavior or what causes a person to want to repeat a behavior and vice versa.

How do you stay motivated?