Here at OG we love to give our Distributors tips on how to promote their OG business. Today we’ll talk about how to use Facebook strategically to promote your OG business.

Barista Bash_FB

Social Media Marketing has become very important for many companies. Here at OG we are constantly coming up with new ways to give you the content needed to keep you informed, entertained and educated on the latest company news and coffee trends. But, what we do is not necessarily what you as a Distributor should do to promote your OG business. Follow these 5 simple Facebook tips and you’ll be on your way to CJM success.

1.  Use Facebook events to invite friends

Facebook events are calendar requests, not unlike what you get with Microsoft Outlook but with the Facebook features. Users that accept the events are notified of any updates so you can keep them engaged by asking them questions about the type of coffee they like and tease them on some of the flavours that you will sample.

2.  Create and manage a Facebook group
Facebook groups are very powerful and they can get a lot of reach if managed correctly.  Have a clear set of guidelines for the group and invite people that are interested in engaging with you. As you grow your Facebook group, leads can also grow naturally. Facebook groups are a powerful feature that can be used to collaborate, stay connected with your team and share inspiring success stories that keep your group engaged and motivated.

3.  Share content from Organo Gold’s page strategically
We love when our Distributor share our content at OG and we want you to continue to do it. For solid results be strategic about what you share and how much. Too much off anything can turn some followers away so ensure some balance when sharing content. Mix it up, for every 4 personal posts do one about your business. Share pictures of our products, our blogs and especially the corporate events such as the International St. Louis Convention.

4.  Create some content of your own
Have a smartphone? Use your phone to take pictures of OG products. Websites such as are great tools to turn that content into digital marketing material. Videos are also a great way to talk about the coffee (product review) or maybe prepare some of your #OGlicious recipes on camera and Food Network Style. Have a library of this content readily available and use it for the Facebook events.

5.  Invite people to the OG Facebook page
Whenever you share an image of OG and one of your friends like it, just send them an invite to the page. Check back a few days later, if he/she shares content or likes anything from our page, you should follow and ask if he/she be interested in sampling some product or send them an invite to your next CJM.