At Organo Gold, we firmly believe in looking ahead — in always being optimistic and forward-thinking. But that does not mean we can’t benefit from looking at the past. Not to mention the pleasant sense of nostalgia we get when thinking about recent events and the many fond memories we have already made in six short but successful months.

That’s why, as we witness June giving way to the second half of 2015, we would like to take you on a quick look back through the amazing progress Organo Gold has made so far this year. A lot can happen in six months, and we really have made them count at OG in 2015.

Here are just some of the highlights from the year so far:

  • February
    The P50k event in Las Vegas, which saw thousands of OG Distributors and supporters land in Las Vegas, Nevada for a rousing event, as well as the announcement of the Seas the Moment global cruise incentive trip — which meant Distributors could earn the chance to attend a luxury cruise from Florida to the Western Caribbean.


  • March
    Memorable March saw the staging of the first ever Global Coffee Jazz Mixer — a day that was a huge success in every time zone, in every OG country and on every OG continent. March also saw the launch of the beautifully-designed new OG corporate website, as well as the launch of the new Back Office. Also in March was the Prague Incentive Trip, the grand opening of OG Turkey, and the highly attended and super successful Super Saturday event staged by OG Mexico.


  • April
    This was the month that OG went European, as the OG EU Convention was staged in the beautiful, historic and culinary city of Lyon, France. We saw several European companies added to the OG global map, with OG launching in Scandinavia — Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway — and also in Slovakia. April also saw the grand opening of OG Nigeria, one of the most populous and thriving economies in Africa, and saw the launch of several products in these new nations, such as the launch of OG’s Black Tea and King of Coffee products in Europe. Finally in April, OG was very proud of the Go Beyond event that was staged in Thailand.


  • May
    May was a shining month, with several glam and gorgeous events, including the successful Go Diamond event staged in Orlando, Florida, as well as the Women Who Win event, also in Florida, which was again staged by Holton Buggs’ lovely wife Earlene. The gloves came off for the “Fight of the Decade” in Las Vegas — with OG Ambassador Manny Pacquiao getting in the ring with Floyd Mayweather. Mayweather was the victor, after many commentators and boxing experts noted that Manny was having problems with his injured rotator cuff, but The Pacman will always be a winner in the eyes of OG. After the excitement of the big boxing match, we also saw the Sapphire leadership retreat in Thailand. May ended up with a Knock-out punch for OG as Silicon Valley’s leading newspaper,The Mercury News, crowned OG Black Gold Premium Chocolate Almond K-Cup as among the best tasting flavored coffees available.


  • June
    In June, we saw a lot of people ramping up their business. For those nations in the Northern Hemisphere, summer arrived, which meant barbecues, school holidays, summer vacations, and many opportunities to introduce OG products to new friends, acquaintances and colleagues. For those in the Southern part of the world, winter arrived, which means plenty of opportunities to indulge in OG’s warm beverages, such as the various flavored K-Cups, the premium coffees, organic teas, and of course the renowned OG gourmet hot chocolate! Speaking of the Southern Hemisphere, June also saw the launch of the OG Espresso product in Australia.



It has been such a great first half of the year, and we here at OG headquarters would like to congratulate every single one of you for all of your success, hard work and attention to detail so far. We wish you all the best for the second half of 2015 — may it be even more inspired, eventful and successful!