The biggest growth accelerating training program to ever take place in ORGANO™ history is set to launch in just a few days!  It is the first of its kind at this size and scale, and the “Go-Getters” who qualified for the rank of Sapphire and above, at least once from November 2015 to February 10th 2016, will be in attendance for this training experience unlike any other! If you have questions and want to learn how to further build your business and boost engagement through social media and eBlast – Sapphire Boot Camp is the place to be – and just two days prior to  –  Project 50 Thousand (P50K) in Las Vegas!


WHEN? Wednesday – February 17th, 2016 (2pm-7pm) & Thursday – February 18th, 2016 (9am-6pm)

WHERE? Titian Ballroom, The Venetian & Palazzo Hotel; 3355 Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, Nevada

WHY? To Build Your Business and Be Rewarded With The Ultimate ORGANO™ Training Experience

Are you struggling with managing different personalities within your group?

Having difficulty in closing some sales?

Not sure how you maximize the benefits of the promotions?

Need to know how to make OG events work for your group’s growth?

World Class Leadership: Mr. Holton Buggs & Mr. Shane Morand are headlining this exclusive training experience to teach you how to make your ORGANO™ Business Bigger & Better in 2016:

Mr. Shane Morand, Co-Founder and Global Master Distributor: It is  widely believed that nobody has sold more Ganoderma infused products than ORGANO™’s, Shane Morand. His ability to motivate and develop leaders all over the world has been a blueprint for many of ORGANO™’s top Distributors.

Holton Buggs, Executive Vice President of International Sales: Holton’s in-depth knowledge of Network Marketing was a driving force behind the wide variety of complementary ORGANO™ products. Holton’s Network Marketing expertise helps enable the Distributors to work with the system to build successful global businesses.

What is a Go-Getter? By definition a “Go-Getter” is a person who works hard and who wants very much to succeed, an aggressively enterprising person, a high achiever, a man or woman of – less talk – and more action! OG Go-Getters are those Distributor who qualified during the period of November 1st to February 10th, 2016 and will be attending the Sapphire Leadership Boot Camp – Free! If that were not enough, OG Go-Getters will be seated in a special section at the Boot Camp, to be further recognized for their outstanding achievements!

Who Are The Qualified Go-Getters Going To Sapphire Leadership Boot Camp? Without further delay, here are the esteemed Distributors – the movers and shakers of ORGANO™ – headed for Las Vegas:


Shirley Camacho PH
lea balanag PH
Dominador Tan PH
MONICA NNOKA Augustine Nnoka NG
Shienara Jade Verceles PH
Khanthong Panyathavilay TH
Mauricio Padilla CO
Phonmalee Panyathavilay TH
ธิดา สว่างพัฒนกุล TH
Maria Gonzalez Gil Gonzalez US
Nikki Ideta US
Robert Rakowski Kelly Rakowski US
Jaime Hernandez Carmina Hernandez US
Soudavone Panyathavilay TH
necel reyes Jessie Reyes PH
cindy Maximo Margarito Maximo US
Olakunle Lawore NG
Alma Morales Sergio Lopez Olmedo US
Ramiro Grajeda US
serife tuncyurek BE
Ivan Tapia Johanna Isela Vega Romo US
Roberto Becerra US
Kamolwech Muangsri Jirada Sakorn TH
Martha Morales guillen Luis Gonzalez Vega US
Emine Dilşat Dal Danışmanlık Merkez Murat Dal TR
enriqueta garcia MX
Rahime Keskin TR
Edwin Camacho CO
Tuan Le US
诗培 卢 HK
Pete Cohen Hannah Bradley GB
Monica Pulido Ramon Pulido US
เจนณรงค์ ไชยวานิช TH
Tan Shuang Benjamin Ghim MY
Evans Gichia KE
Miluse Luskova CZ
Angelamaria TrianaZambrano CO
Lee Siau Ling MY
kun bao CA
俊 康 HK
james english GB
Jocelyn Estacio PH
Ann Louise Horvath Dahlin SE
Rod Smith US
Willie Spradley Jr Patricia Spradley US
Jordan Thompson US
Gonzalez Dora Barajas US
Bruce Brouillette Lumananda US
jesus olvera US
Trish Carlson Chuck Carlson US
Leonil Cadiente PH
andres vitela Joisi Vitela US
Jose Vitela Rosa Preciado US
Cheryl Ray Gene Ray Sr. US
Beatriz Grimsley James Grimsley US
Leticia Morales Guillen Ismael Ramirez US
Sandra Morales Oscar Diego US
Lim Tze Jin MY
Ng Chee Khoon MY
Roman Vega-Dominguez Erin Vega-Dominguez US
Jorge Lara Rosalva Prudente US
Marchella Scott JuJuan Peterson US
armando bernal Esmeralda Bernal US
Tinisha Gomez US
Maria Cardenas Robles Luis Reyes US
Velton Gooden Judith Gooden JM
victor villa Yuriria Ruiz US
Wong Choon Sean MY
Irina Adam GB
Binah Audu NG
刚 周 HK
มาฆะพร พันธ์วงค์ TH
Taylan Koyuncu TR
กัญจน์ณัฏฐ์ วงษ์ศานนท์ TH
Thomas Bracke BE
Sandra Allen US
Ray Wright US
Kellianne Krupa US
ณิชชญารัฐ แสงทอง TH
martha chavez Alfredo Chavez US
Charles Ekpe NG
ปรียนันท์ เจริญรัตน์ TH
Teh Siew Yew MY
Jacques Dumoulin Ginette Rousseau CA
chong jing yang MY
fransisco rodriguez Veronica Reyna US
Alondra Cardenas US
Sujin Hajka US
Labiba Boutata CA
Marie-Luce Frenette CA
Rudolph Isidore Soukaina Pierre-Louis CA
Jeff Vaage USA
Monica Saenz Monica Saenz MX
shana rosales Oscar Rosales US
Erika Lopez Jose Lopez US
Alan Castillo US
Jocabed A De Leon US
Kantaphat Pongprasit Sirinart Phongprasit TH
Domingo Garcia Irma Barrios US


This is an event every Go-Getter will not want to miss, where in-depth training will be undertaken by ORGANO™ World Class Leaders – who’s vision and passion have been instrumental in helping ORGANO™ become one of the most admired Network Marketing companies in the world! So Go, OG Go Getters and we’ll see you in Las Vegas!  #TasteTheGold