ORGANO™ is comprised of a Global Family of Leaders! Today, leadership is one of the hottest topics in the business world, and the path to leadership is not an easy one. There will be good times, stressful times, and terrible times, but a great leader is always able to lead a team to success, regardless of the situation. Simply holding a position in leadership doesn’t make someone a good leader. Join ORGANO™ as we consider some of the key leadership qualities one should strive to possess on the road to success.

Honesty: The foundation of any relationship, both personal and professional, is honesty. People want to work for an organization and leaders they can trust − a company with global leaders that have values and integrity. They want to represent a company that offers a quality product line they can believe in, and that has a solid reputation. Your team members want to feel positive about their ORGANO™ business. It is not only critical to maintain the core values of OG, but yourself as a leader and to lead by those core attributes that set the example for your team.

Communication: Clear communication allows your team members to understand the mission and vision of ORGANO™. People work towards what they believe in and what has value, so it’s important to help your team members understand – we are ONE and working on the same goals together.  Communication should also be consistent when establishing goals and determining the best way to achieve those goals, by offering encouragement and constructive feedback, especially when training new members of your OG global team. With great communication, people will know exactly what they are working to achieve and they will rely on your leadership skills and past experience to guide them to success.

Confidence: In business, as in life, sometimes things go wrong. During these times, your team will be looking to you, and they will have questions that need to be answered. Your team will likely judge the situation based upon your reaction, and how you address it. If the organization is experiencing a difficult period, it’s important to always be confident, calm, and set a good example while working through it.

Inspiration: With inspiration, success will follow. You must first be inspired by, and then invested in, your business in order to inspire others to follow your lead. Take for example Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the founders of Google. They are the product of their own inspiration and have significantly impacted the world we live in today. While inspiration often projects into the future, it’s also important for the present; it gives people a reason to work hard, to be determined to succeed, and to do their best in all aspects of their lives.

Positivity: Do your best to stay positive, even when the going gets tough. Positivity is essential to productivity and the overall enthusiasm you create for your team. When mistakes are made, even when they are serious, it’s important to reflect on what went wrong and swiftly work towards a positive resolution. As an ORGANO™ leader, YOU are setting the tone for your entire team, and your attitude directly affects those who look up to you for leadership and solid advice. Edification and showing a genuine interest in your team members can have a significant impact on their daily success.

Commitment: Your team wants, and needs, to know that you are committed. Nothing shows commitment like rising through the leadership ranks with OG, while helping your team achieve the same level of success. Showing your commitment sets the example for others to follow, and leads to greater loyalty and respect for you as a leader. Always be committed in whatever you do, whether it is a promise you made to your team, or a challenge to achieve a specific goal with your OG Family members! You are in the spotlight as an ORGANO™ leader, and your team will appreciate and rely on your commitment, humility and loyalty while building their global business with OG.

Humor: Although not a requirement, a sense of humor goes a long way in a leadership role. Humor helps create a positive feeling amongst your team members, and enhances the feeling of camaraderie. Warren Buffett, for example, once said, “I buy expensive suits. They just look cheap on me.” Your unique personality and sense of humor shows your team that you are more than just a leader, and will allow them to feel more comfortable and confident during the ups and downs your team will experience on the road to success with ORGANO™.

Creativity: Often decisions need to be made quickly, and may catch us off guard. In times like these, your team will be looking to you for advice and a creative solution. Henry Ford faced a situation like this when demand for his vehicles was so high he couldn’t possibly keep up. Instead of making the obvious decision to hire more people, he thought with creativity and developed the assembly line. Always brainstorm with your team, not only to build upon some of your ideas, but to allow your fellow OG Family Members an opportunity to be part of the solution.

We all offer something unique to this world. And, the more you focus on genuine connections with your fellow team members and valued customers, rather than focusing on what they can do for you, the greater your leaderships skills will become. You don’t have to be liked to be a great leader, but you must if you aspire to be respected leader. And, being admired and respected will make all the difference while rising through the leadership ranks with ORGANO™. Do you have what it takes to be a great leader? #TasteTheGold