To be a boss means that you have been given the authority, and the responsibility, to lead a group of people on a mission to achieve the goals set by the organization or team. But to be a true leader, you must inspire and lead by example, encouragement and edification towards those who look to you for direction along the way! While a leader can also be the boss, not every boss can be the kind of leader you would actually be inspired to not only follow – but become yourself! Join OG as we further explore the difference between a boss and a leader, and garner a greater understanding of the pitfalls to avoid when seeking to become a more effective and inspiring leader while building your ORGANO™ International Business with your Global Family!  

Who’s The Boss?

Simply put, a “Boss” is a person in charge of an employee, division, region or of an entire international organization. Some words that come to mind when describing a boss; president, director, chief executive or even Diamond. Unfortunately, some other words might come to mind when describing someone in a position of authority over you or your entire organization; demanding, controlling, non transparent or even bossy!

Follow The Leader!

Just the sound of the word “Leader” evokes a more inviting and positive feeling than that of the word “Boss.” However, when people dream of obtaining a divine lifestyle personally and greater success professionally, they often dream more about becoming the boss rather than aspiring to become an effective leader. While Leaders and Bosses may have nearly identical definitions, in effect, they are completely and totally different in today’s competitive global marketplace.

Distinguishing The Differences Between The Two – Bosses vs. Leaders:

While a boss is mostly concerned with the overall outcome or bottom line, a leader takes ownership and responsibility for not only the process of achieving stellar results, but acts as a mentor and guide for the individuals and team members that help achieve those goals. Here are some major points and distinguishing differences between a Boss and a Leader:

Leaders Lead & Boss’s Boss:

Your approach to getting others to do the work necessary, in order to build momentum for your overall team, determines whether you are operating as a leader or a boss. Someone who points the way and helps their individual members climb the leadership ranks, is likely functioning as a leader. Someone who threatens and browbeats others into what they think needs to be accomplished isn’t acting as a leader – or promoting the ORGANO™ global family spirit of edification. The leadership traits that attract people to you are centered around you ability to get others to willingly follow your lead – not forcing them to follow you!

Leaders Listen & Boss’s Talk:

When people say they want to be heard, they are really saying they want leaders who will not only hear them – but really listen to them. As team members seek more attention, feedback and support, leaders must become more mindful of their individual needs – in order to effectively inspire and drive an entire team towards global success. Leaders who really listen are able to create trustworthy relationships that are transparent and breed continued loyalty.  

Leaders Motivate & Boss’s Intimidate:

While working on building your business, and growing your global team, people will have their ups and downs – it’s called life. On the roller coaster ride to success, bosses are more likely to intimidate (or even try to manipulate) their team into action, while leaders will motivate to action. Leaders first do themselves, then they teach their team how to duplicate their efforts. A good leader is not greedy when it comes to sharing knowledge and experience with someone else; instead, a true OG leader teaches and nurtures new team members – helping them every step of the way on the path to Go Diamond!  

Leaders Interact & Boss’s Bow Out:

Leaders take part in the day to day challenges of their team members business, rather than turning the other way. While bosses often choose to step aside when the going gets tough, leaders take initiative to ensure the road to success has been properly paved for his team members. Leaders choose to play a role in each individual team member’s success, as well as that of the entire global team. Whereas many bosses might demand a solution from the team, a great leader is always a part of the solution – on behalf of his team.

Leaders Edify & Boss’s Reprimand:

When necessary, a leader offers constructive criticism. However, a leader never scolds or shouts at any individual, especially in public. A dynamic leader identifies his team member’s strengths, and points them out, making each member feel more empowered personally – which ultimately benefits the entire team. A good leader tries to treat everyone equally, and strives to never allow personal preferences to affect the team dynamic

During your life, and while on your ORGANO™ global business journey, you will face two kinds of people; leaders and bosses. It does not matter how high the position of these individuals; bossy people are more likely to fail while those who lead are more likely to succeed. At some point you will experience the difference, and now you should have a greater understanding of which category you fall into… Are you a boss? Or, are you a team leader – leading your team every step of the way towards a life divine?  What type are you?