Sharing the OG Vision Globally – ORGANO™’s Chief Visionary Officer, HOLTON BUGGS is On the Road Again!

He is ONE of OG’s Greatest Treasures. He is the ONE with the Vision. He is on a mission to share OG’s Global Vision with OG Global Family Members, ONE City at a Time! He is ORGANO™’s Chief Visionary Officer – HOLTON BUGGS and he is “On the Road” again – pounding the pavement in an effort to reach out and touch every OG Diamond in the rough, literally! Holton is not only ONE of the ORGANO™ Founding Fathers and Fearless Leaders, he is ONE who has actually done the work, he took direction, he followed his leader, he has shared the OG opportunity and vision worldwide AND he has created an ORGANO™ Global Business and Family Legacy of his very own!  Come along, Taste the Gold, as we rewind and re-cap some of the Holton Highlights to be treasured, cherished and shared with every OG Distributor on a journey to global success.    

Hot Off The OG EU Convention – Holton Hits The Ground Running: Istanbul, Turkey – June 14th

Fired up from the education, edification and recognition celebrations at the EU Convention in Verona, Italy – Holton’s first stop – Istanbul, Turkey! Despite international security challenges prior to his  arrival, Holton hit the ground running and was met with extreme enthusiasm by large numbers of the OG Nation anticipating his arrival. And, in the true spirit of sharing the opportunity that is ORGANO™, the number of guests curious to learn more about OG outnumbered the Distributors in attendance! Holton’s Distributor briefing, followed by a Holton “How To” Training session, was filled with encouragement. As only Holton can, he not only provided direction, he offered words of wisdom and encouragement to help instill creativity in business building and solutions when it comes to overcoming obstacles on the road to success. Mr. Buggs delivered a very clear message to all in attendance, on “How To” take responsibility for the growth, or lack thereof, of your global team and its members rising through the Distributor ranks.

Holton Hits a Hurdle – But There Is No Stopping Mr. Buggs: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida – May 12th

One of the most important lessons to be learned, and specifically addressed by Holton time and time again, is that there will be obstacles in the way of you reaching your final destination. For example, when Holton was directed to the wrong hotel and it caused his delay on stage by about 40 minutes – that was an obstacle. In Holton’s case, direction was lost while people were anxiously awaiting his arrival. For Holton, this was just another obstacle to bust through in order make his way on the stage to share the OG vision he came to share! There was no stopping Holton and, according to the Regional Leaders across greater Florida, he delivered one of his most inspiring and invigorating training sessions ever. And in return, Holton was truly inspired and invigorated by the number of Diamonds in training who used the opportunity to expose their Top VIP Guests to the business and divine lifestyle that is – ORGANO™. While speaking on the subject of obstacles, Holton also expressed the importance of paving a path in order to break free from the mental spiral of success stealing/negative self talk, and how to navigate your way through it while building your OG Global Business.    

Having a Ball with Holton: An OG Family Bowling Night with VIPs in Houston, Texas – April 3rd

All work and no play is not is not how Holton, or OG, conducts business. In fact, one of the most treasured benefits of the ORGANO™ opportunity is the value placed on fun and fellowship, once the heavy lifting has been done. And speaking of having a ball, with Holton Buggs that is, how does a fun filled night of competitive camaraderie at the bowling alley sound? Well, that is exactly how it went down for the qualifiers who were able to relax, rock and bowl with Mr. Buggs on a one-on-one basis. There was no shortage of laughter, joy, fun or food at this after hours celebration and a good time was had by the many generations of OG global team members who worked hard enough, to play hard ball with Holton! And, Holton did not disappoint, or hold back, when it came to offering advice and sharing tips on how to live a life divine, and Taste The Gold with ORGANO™!

Golden Nuggets and “How To” Awaken The Dormant Giant Within: Midwest Tour – Austin (March 17th), San Antonio (March 18th), Dallas (March 19th), St. Louis (March 21st), Denver (March 22nd)

The momentum created by the time Holton hit the Midwest was off the charts, and matched only by the growing anticipation of the OG Distributors waiting to meet The Man with the Vision – In Person! While the stories coming from the East Coast Tour were truly inspiring, the stories told in the Midwest were no less remarkable. It seemed as though Holton had personally challenged each and every hosting city leader to a competition; who will host the best event, who will bring more guests, who awaken the dormant giants within their respective teams and who will capitalize on the words of wisdom and “golden nuggets” bestowed upon them by OG’s own – Mr. Holton Buggs. And, the “meeting after the meeting” was a true reflection of the growing interest, expressed by the local leadership, for continued training and “building it right” tools from ORGANO™ – on a global basis. These “post event meetings” are made available to those Distributors who qualify with above average recruitment activity, attracting the crème de la crème of the OG elite who are catapulting their way through the leadership ranks.

As we all know – Holton is not known for pushing the envelope — Holton is known for ripping it open!  And this is just the beginning for Holton on the Road! Even with back to back events, late nights with meetings after the meetings, early morning wake up calls to jet set to the next destination – Holton is committed to the OG Global Family of Distributors – and he will be coming to a town near you soon!

Holton’s Next Stops:

Super Saturday in New Jersey – July 16th, 2016


Location: Hilton Meadowlands Hotel, 2 Meadowlands Plaza, East Rutherford, NJ

Registration: 8:00am

Opportunity Briefing: 9:00am

Training: 11:00am-4:00pm (with break)

Admission: $25 (Guests FREE for Opportunity Briefing)

Business Overview and Training in St. Louis – August 6th, 2016

Business overview banner

Location: Hyatt Regency, St. Louis at the Arch, 315 Chestnut Street, St. Louis, MO

Registration: 7:30am

Opportunity Briefing: 9:00am

Training: 11:00am-3:00pm (with break)

Admission: $25 (Guests FREE for Opportunity Briefing)

If you were to ask Holton “How Do You Manage To Do It All”? Well, we all know his routine regimen with ORGANO™ Ganoderma Spores, infused in his favorite OG brews, gives him the strength and endurance to the reach the finish line – that is how Holton does it!  And, for Holton there is no end in sight – he is going to keep on keeping on – he is our CVO – and he will continue to build, motivate and inspire the OG Family of Distributors across the globe!