What is “that moment” when you realized that you needed to change your life? A change for the better.

I had many painful experiences in my adolescence, where I realized the people I was surrounding myself with were not going where I wanted to go. I felt like life could never get better. These challenges would later become my greatest triumphs. I had two choices; give up or get up.  It is in those helpless moments when we are most likely to receive grace. Ultimately, who I was, who I surrounded myself with, my desires, my way of thinking, all began to shift. I entered the transforming fires of change, in the refining furnace of life, and a new me was born. I went from NO direction NO vision, NO hope, to a man with a NEW life.

What is your ZONE 1?

I am a major fan of a balanced life. Bernie Chua, ORGANO™ CEO and Founder, says our mission is to help people live the “Divine Lifestyle” which includes – fullness mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, in relationships, financially and in your life’s work.  Every day I get up at 5:30am, and start the day with two cups ORGANO™. I put my relationship with God first, so I invest time connecting with God, and working on my personal growth (or my inner game). The inner game produces the outer game! I focus on my health, eating well, and I am passionate about ORGANO™ products. I set the example, and I am consistent. I believe the GREATEST example to be set – is by living a balanced life, and living the life others want to live!

How long did it take you to reach your current rank? Did you set a goal and what were they? What did you have to do to accomplish it? 

When I first joined ORGANO™, I was only 18 years old as a high school student. I had NO network, NO skills, and NO money. I worked relentlessly my first year (60-70 hours a week or more no breaks). I drove 60 miles or more every single day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to go to my upline’s CJMs. My vision kept me going. By sheer DESIRE I made it to Sapphire before my one year anniversary with ORGANO™. I worked another 2-1/2 years after that, many times wondering “Am I ever going to advance? Is this going to work? In May of 2015, I finally reached the level of Ruby. Then I said I’m going to EMERALD this month.” And, I did!  To reach my goals I’ve had to make incredible sacrifices, but I want to be the best me I can possibly be, to live a full life with those I love around me.

Do you have any role model?

Jesus is my spiritual, emotional and impact model! I attribute His guidance as the main reason for my success!  Holton Buggs, Shane Morand, Bernie Chua, Tony Robbins, Jose Ardon, David Imonitie and my Dad are my impactful role models for my mental, physical, social and fun side, and of course for financial advise! Their words have fallen on fertile soil! Learning from them has been a huge part of my success. Mr. Bernie Chua and Mr. Shane Morand founded this company, and I have to thank them for that, as well as all of my upline leaders for all they’ve done.

What is your next goal? Where do you see yourself a few years from now?

My next goal is to reach the level of Diamond in a structured manner. I love recognition and rank advancements, that’s what motivates me most! More importantly I am a fan of a solid, stable business built on customers and leaders.  It’s not just how great I can be, it’s how great I can help others become. My goal is to reach Diamond by October 19, 2016 – it is my 23rd birthday. In a few years I see myself as a Crown Ambassador, simply building the way ORGANO™ teaches leaders.

What advice do you have for new Distributors to help them get there?

Find your WHY and set your GOALS! Determine what you will experience and feel as a result of achieving those goals. Get yourself RIGHT, focus on PEOPLE, learn the SKILLS, and FOLLOW the system. Work very closely with your leaders, ASK them to TEACH you EVERYTHING they know. You must TRUST yourself, attend ALL events, DON’T miss the calls, be healthy and take notes! Then you must APPLY what you have learned and be WILLING to change! SHOW your team how to win – be the BEST example you can be and create a FAMILY culture. LOVE your work, SERVE people, build and keep RELATIONSHIPS, NEVER QUIT and PRAY!

What motivated you to succeed?

It’s part of my DNA – this is my purpose so success is just natural! I don’t see this as work. I love connecting with people about freedom and personal growth, and a great life! I am internally driven by my purpose to impact this planet. This is my blueprint, and once the purpose is found, everything else falls into place. I am extremely motivated to provide an incredible life for my future family, as family is super important to me.

Do you have any mantras that you would like to share?

I work in PEACE because I KNOW God is in control and at any moment He could make a major shift for my favor. That doesn’t mean I don’t do my part, it means I give EVERYTHING I CAN, and He takes care of the rest! I believe it is my RIGHT and DUTY to become all I was created to be. If I have potential I MUST actualize it. The most PAINFUL moments of my life are the ones who have DEFINED me and made me who I am today. In the hardest lesson came the greatest gift – GRACE!