Why do you think the Preferred Customer Program is so important to building a sustainable OG Business?

Every stable business has a customer base and we now have a way of identifying people who are just interested in our products. We can service these customers differently than we service Distributors. Long term, the residual income for those who have both a strong Customer and Distributor base will be some of the highest ever seen in this industry.

How are you encouraging others in your organization to take advantage of the Preferred Customer Program?

I’m encouraging them by leading by example. When the PC Program was announced, the first thing I did was go out and sign up a ton of Preferred Customers. People who at one time told me ‘no’ to the OG Opportunity are now becoming my PCs.

Secondly, when I’m doing training calls, I’m explaining how people can earn long term and residual income through Preferred Customers. So when you show your team how the PC Program can grow their business through income and length, it gives them more insight as to how valuable those customers are.

What’s one piece of advice you have for other Distributors who are looking to grow their business through the Preferred Customer Program?

Every solid and sustainable business has a customer base. If you want to build a solid business, you need to build a solid  customer base. It’s that simple. You want money that you don’t have to work too hard for and getting 25, 50, 100 customers is the way to do it.

Do you have any mantras that you live your life by?

Give me 1% of your trust and I’ll earn the other 99%.

What is your ZONE 1?

Every chance I get, and sometimes it’s 5-10 times a day, I’m talking to people about our business. At least once a day I’m showing someone a compensation plan. People don’t know about your business until you tell them about it. I let people know everyday that I’m in the coffee business. I stay in Zone 1 everyday because I’m always sharing the OG Opportunity.

What is your next business goal?

By April 30th, I want to have personally signed up more than 100 Preferred Customers.

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