John Sachtouras, a native of Greece, moved to the United States in 1986 in the pursuit of his dream to become a successful millionaire. He landed in Newport Beach, California and worked as a waiter in a local Italian restaurant, while searching for the right vehicle to help him reach his ambitious goal. In 1988, he was introduced to an MLM business opportunity by a patron of the restaurant. This goal turned into a burning desire for John, as he struggled with many of the network marketing companies without significant success, prior to joining ORGANO™ in 2009. It may have taken John longer than he had originally planned, but he certainly took his own advice to NEVER GIVE UP and it paid off – Big Time!

Inspiration – Determination – Hope:

The journey of an ORGANO™ top earner is always filled with inspiration, determination and hope. And, for ORGANO™ Global Family members, the journey is not meant to be taken alone. The OG road to success is paved with edification and support from mentors who have achieved the level of success others are striving to obtain. Turning an ordinary business into a divine lifestyle is not easy, but it is possible, and John Sachtouras is on the road helping others to “Taste the Gold” and reach new heights of success with ORGANO™. John was recently invited to host a Business Opportunity Presentation in New Jersey, by Diamonds, Domingo Herrera, Hilda Delgrande and Emerald Paula Roderos. With over 400 Distributors and nearly 100 guests in attendance – the excitement and energy levels were turned up to OMG!  

Give 100% – Never Ever Give Up:

And, according to John; “The only difference to me was the city. I’m doing what I truly love to do, so I give 100% each time! This crowd was so open and willing to receive this business opportunity. The energy level was through the roof! This event had a significant impact to my organization, as I was able to increase it and provide support to more people trying to accomplish their goals of financial freedom.” We asked John if he had to give just one piece of advice to an up and coming ORGANO™ Distributor, what would it be?

Create Your Own Drive and Get Educated:

“I would advise Distributors to NEVER GIVE UP, to create your own drive and to network with like-minded people who will help fuel your motivation and provide inspiration. Educate yourself on ORGANO and our products, so you will be better able to explain the global magnitude of the  organization and the level of success we have been able to achieve and maintain.”

Attend – Invite – Motivate:

John further explained the importance of attending as many ORGANO™ sponsored events as you possibly can, as well as the importance of inviting as many people as you can, to share in the opportunity for a divine lifestyle. John has not only proven himself to be a ORGANO™ top earner and leader extraordinaire, but he is also a man who knows his products and is well versed well versed in explaining the benefits to his customers and prospects.

As the crowd roared for more from John, he left them with these final words of wisdom…

“The world has many people who will inspire you to achieve greatness and be there to lift you up when you need encouragement. Never think that doors are closed, they are wide open waiting for you to take advantage of the opportunities you see. Always remember, God’s plan for you is bigger than your plan for yourself!”