Whether you are currently rising through the leadership ranks, or you are a brand new member of the OG Global Family, we understand that you have questions – and you need answers to effectively operate and grow your business. And, more importantly, you need to educate yourself in order to effectively lead your team to achieve the Number One Lifestyle in the World!

And who better than ORGANO™ Co-Founder, Shane Morand to address your questions and concerns, and to ignite the burning fire within every OG Distributor from Texas to Taiwan. At OG we understand you have a need to know, and that you need to know Not Now, but Right Now! And, since the launch of the brand new OGX FENIX™ Shakes, people are talking, they have questions, and they want answers!

Behind the scenes at the Friday File with Shane Morand

So, get your questions prepared – or ask them online – Shane Morand has all the answers on The Friday Files on Facebook Live – Every Friday at 9:00am (Pacific Standard Time)! Below are just a few of the questions asked by, and thoughts on the minds of, ORGANO™ Distributors worldwide.

  • How can I grow my business faster and bigger since I live in a small town?
  • Where do we submit our before and after pictures to receive the OGX I lost 10lb t-shirts?
  • How can I stay focused on success – consistently – without getting discouraged along the way?
  • What do I do if the person who introduced me to the business quits?
  • Some people have told me they don’t like instant coffee, what am I supposed to do or say?
  • How can you inspire the spirit of loyalty within each member your team?
  • How can I attend every ORGANO event if I can’t afford to go?
  • How do I set team goals, and how can I help team achieve them?
  • How can I send a personal message to my customers when I send them OG as a gift?
  • If I’ve been inactive for the last three years what would you recommend be the best way to start?

There is no question that ORGANO™ is the company catering to our consumers’ active lifestyles across the globe, and never before in the history of OG has there been so great an opportunity for practical dreamers as exists Right Now. Consider it an ORGANO™ Global Call To Action for your Team – for those on a mission to grow a thriving and sustainable global business – make it your business to join Shane Morand for Every Edition of the Friday Files – on Facebook LIVE! #WeAreOrgano #X4life