ORGANO™ is a Global Family of leaders, and it’s no secret that leadership is an undeniably sought-after quality. Great leaders are admired, and certainly appreciated in the business world, but they are not always easy to emulate. The greatest leaders lead by example and, not only inspire others, but help mentor them to succeed as well. For the successful entrepreneur, and the ORGANO™ Global Family of Distributors, leisure time is a precious commodity. When spare time is spent wisely it can lead to a more productive professional and personal life, and your cup of life full. How are you spending your time away from your business? Join OG as we further explore, and share a few tips, to ensure you are reaping the maximum benefit from your, no doubt limited, leisure time.

Late Sleeper vs. The Early Bird:

Most would agree that a day off means sleeping in late, or marathon session on the couch for some mind numbing television. For many yes, but that is certainly not the OG way! Successful entrepreneurs typically use their time more wisely because they understand that if you want to be successful, you have to do something about – you have to Go Get It! They also know that the most productive hours of the day are usually in the morning—and if they have work to do on the weekend and want time left over for some recreation, they have to set their alarm clock earlier. Follow their lead and become more productive during your waking hours – even on a Saturday.

Motion is Magic – Indulge in Exercise:

Many successful entrepreneurs use their leisure time to indulge in exercise, or outside activities during their leisure time. It can often be difficult to get in a good workout, or enjoy the healing benefits that nature provides, Monday through Friday. Not only is the weekend a perfect time for some much-needed cardio – it is a great opportunity to make your exercise, a recreational outing with family or friends – or another member of the ORGANO™ is a Global Family. Activities like kayaking, hiking, biking and friendly sports skirmishes – will all help relieve some of the tension and monotony of the workweek.

Socialize and Network at Community Events:

On the precious days when most successful people aren’t working, they take the time to interact with friends and family, as well as taking advantage of the opportunities within their communities to meet new people. Human beings need social interaction to lead healthy, productive lifestyles, which is something entrepreneurs recognize. They see it as an opportunity to make connections and increase their presence locally. Typically, there are influential people to meet at community events, and a savvy OG Distributor will make the time to recognize and meet the people who make up a community – people who drink coffee and tea every single day of the week!

Pursuing Your Passion Part Time – Take It In & Drink It Up:

Exercising one’s creativity is one of the greatest methods to maintain a productive and successful lifestyle. Some of the most successful, and effective, people will make sure to set aside some time for creative pursuits, like writing a novel, taking an art class or tinkering on an old car. Whatever creative endeavor you choose – it should be outside the scope of your daily work.  It’s an inspiring hobby that feeds the passion and creativity entrepreneurs will need throughout their work week to reach new heights of success – and ensure the OG cup is always full!  

So, the question is – how are you spending your leisure time? And, are you leading by example?