Across the globe – those who choose to serve in the armed forces, make a commitment; a commitment of honor, discipline, and sacrifice. These heroic men and women must take risks for their respective nations, in the fight for freedom. And, for the fallen men and women in the armed forces, Memorial Day honors those soldiers who sacrificed their lives for their country. May 30th marks the date of Memorial Day this year, and the ORGANO™ Global Family stands united in saluting those valiant men and women lost on this day of remembrance.

Flowers for the Fallen & Customs of Memorial Day:

Memorial day finds its beginnings from customs that date back as far as the American Civil War. The custom was to decorate the graves with flowers of those soldiers who had lost their lives fighting the war. Since the custom of decorating fallen soldiers graves with flowers was what the holiday entailed, it was initially known as Decoration Day. The term Memorial Day was not used until the year of 1882. The name “Memorial Day” was given to the holiday officially by federal law in 1967, and after the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, it is now celebrated on the last Monday of May every year.

Memorial Day in The United States of America:

While the decoration of fallen soldiers graves with flowers is the most known custom for Memorial Day, our government also takes part in rich traditions. On Memorial Day, the American Flag is raised quickly to the top of the flagpole, then slowly raised down halfway, where it will remain until noon. At noon it is raised back to the top for the remainder of the day. Putting the flag at a half staff position represents the remembrance of more than one million fallen soldiers. The act of raising the flag represents their remembrance, by those who survived. Most Americans will also hoist their flags to proudly wave, as well as bust out their red, white and blue apparel to celebrate Memorial Day with family and friends – almost always at an outdoor barbeque or picnic. And, while they may not celebrate on the same date or call it Memorial Day, other members of the OG Global Family also honor the fallen soldiers serving their respective nations.

England’s Remembrance Day:

In England, Remembrance Day marks the end of fighting in World War I and is celebrated on November 11th. Celebrated throughout the British Commonwealth, and for the  British Royal Family it means assembling outside at 11:00am for two minutes of silence on this very special day of reflection. Poppies have become the symbol of the day in England; wreaths of poppies are laid at war memorials and small artificial red poppies are worn on the lapel in memoriam.

Belgium’s Armistice Day:

Belgium also celebrates the end of the wartime November 11th. The nation holds a “Last Post” bugle call ceremony at the Menin Gate in Ypres. This bugle call is played by the armies to mark the end of the day, and it is now used by the country to remember fallen soldiers. At the end of the ceremony, people lay wreaths of poppies and the flowers are released from the top of the gate.

Australia and New Zealand’s Anzac Day:

Down under they call it Anzac Day and it is celebrated on April 25th. The day begins with commemorative services at dawn, followed by marches of former military men and women. Many people celebrate by playing “two-up” on Anzac Day, a game that involves betting on which way a penny will land on the table, often played by Australian soldiers during the war to pass time.

Memorial Day is more than special; it is a patriotic reminder that men and women have sacrificed their lives to protect our basic liberties. Regardless of what you call it – the day is meant to respect, honor, sacrifice, and remember those who gave their lives – so that we may freely live our own. Today on Memorial Day, from the ORGANO™ Global Family to yours – we wish you a very memorable day of celebration while saluting our fallen soldiers around the world. #WeAreOrgano