Top tips from the master distributor who made it there and has helped so many others do the same — Holton Buggs.

As a Diamond, distributors become a part of OG’s prestigious leadership team. One man who exemplifies this is Holton Buggs. As OG’s Executive Vice President of International Sales, Buggs speaks the international language — and that is the language of sales. With his extensive career history and knowledge of network marketing, Buggs has been able to use his expertise to help other distributors work within the system to build successful businesses.

How does he do it? There’s a large library of training materials online to support and train new distributors. But here are some of Buggs’ top tips on how to build a thriving, successful OG distribution business, and to drive for that Diamond level:

  1. Always plug in. That means commitment and consistency. Set up a regular schedule of reading, training and support from OG leaders to help build that OG business.
  2. Learn the system. All those Diamonds followed the OG system, which Buggs himself helped to develop. It’s one of the best and most rewarding in the industry, and, here’s the great news — one of the simplest.
  3. Know your numbers. Of course you should never forget your ABC’s, but in OG it’s all about your 123’s. Or as Buggs says: “In order to grow your numbers, you have to know your numbers.”
  4. Tune in to Tip of the Week. Each week, you can go online and tune in to the OG University’s Tip of the Week — a short video from a fellow OF family member.
  5. Get on the phone. Whether you are calling the great new Organo Gold Dial-In Number — (409-777-9300) PIN (COFFEE#) — for support or information, or just calling friends and family to invite them over for a cup of OG premium pre-brewed coffee or tea, the phone is one of your simplest and greatest tools in this business.

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