If you have questions and want to learn how to further build your business and boost engagement through the numerous social media platforms and eBlast – Sapphire Boot Camp is the place to be. The upcoming Sapphire Leadership Boot Camp will take place just days before Project 50 Thousand in Las Vegas, and is the biggest growth accelerating training program to ever take place in OG. It is the first of its kind at this size and scale – and anybody who qualifies for the rank of Sapphire and above at least once from November 2015 to February 10th 2016 can join us for this training experience unlike any other!

WHEN? Wednesday – February 17th, 2016 (2pm-7pm) & Thursday – February 18th, 2016 (9am-6pm)

WHERE? Titian Ballroom, The Venetian & Palazzo Hotel; 3355 Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, Nevada

WHY? To Build Your Business and Be Rewarded With The Ultimate ORGANO™ Training Experience

Are you struggling with managing different personalities within your group?

Having difficulty in closing some sales?

Not sure how you maximize the benefits of the promotions?

Need to know how to make OG events work for your group’s growth?


World Class Leadership: Mr. Holton Buggs & Mr. Shane Morand are headlining this exclusive training experience to teach you how to make your ORGANO™ Business Bigger & Better in 2016:

Mr. Shane Morand, Co-Founder and Global Master Distributor: It is  widely believed that nobody has sold more Ganoderma infused products than ORGANO™’s, Shane Morand. His ability to motivate and develop leaders all over the world has been a blueprint for many of ORGANO™’s top Distributors.

Holton Buggs, Executive Vice President of International Sales: Holton’s in-depth knowledge of Network Marketing was a driving force behind the wide variety of complementary ORGANO™ products. Holton’s Network Marketing expertise helps enable the Distributors to work with the system to build successful global businesses.

Even Better – Be a Go-Getter & Qualify For Our Sapphire Leadership Boot Camp! New to OG and still building up your business? Don’t worry, because we’ve got an exciting new promotion to help you get to this special event. From November 1st to February 10th, any Distributor (regardless of rank or country) who personally enrolls 12 new Distributors through a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Pack*, will be able to attend the Sapphire Leadership Boot Camp for free! It doesn’t matter if it’s just your first week as an OG Distributor. As long as you enroll 12 new members to your team during the promo period, you will be qualified to attend. In fact, we’ll even put you in a special ‘Go-Getter’ seating section at the Boot Camp so that we can recognize you and the rest of the Go-Getters for your outstanding achievement.

Taste The Gold & Take The Ultimate Challenge and Your Project 50 Thousand ticket is on us! If you’ve enrolled your 12 new Distributors and qualified as a Go-Getter, why not take it one step further and see if you can conquer the ultimate challenge. During the Go-Getter promo period (November 1st to February 10th), if you enroll more new Distributors than Mr. Holton Buggs himself, we will reimburse you for your Project 50 Thousand General Session ticket!**

Note: You will need to be a Go-Getter to qualify for this challenge, which means that you must enroll at least 12 new Distributors, regardless of Mr. Holton Buggs’ number. For example, if he only enrolls 9, you will still need to enroll at least 12 to beat the challenge. At the same time, if Mr. Buggs enrolls 15 new Distributors, you will need to enroll at least 16 to beat the challenge. The reimbursement will take place upon the presentation of the Project 50 Thousand ticket.

You will not want to miss this event – where through in-depth training will be undertaken by ORGANO™ World Class Leaders – who’s vision and passion have been instrumental in helping ORGANO™ become one of the most admired Network Marketing companies in the world. In order to attend OG Distributors must have qualified as a Sapphire (or above) at least once in the period November 2015 – February 2016, or Qualify through the Go-Getter Promotion. See you in Las Vegas!   #TasteTheGold

*Bronze, Silver, or Gold Pack orders only (no upgrades, no special promotion packs)
**This promotion is on a reimbursement basis only. You will need to purchase your ticket and present BOTH your ticket and receipt during Project 50 Thousand event registration in order for your reimbursement to be processed.