Training. Leadership. Recognition… YES! The countdown is on – in 10 days ORGANO™ will be at it again, it’s PROJECT 50 THOUSAND (P50K) February 20-21, 2016 – in Las Vegas, Nevada. P50K 2016, The Ultimate Training Experience, is an annual weekend journey designed to help you develop, grow and reach your full potential within the ORGANO™ opportunity. ORGANO™ Corporate Events are attended by members of the OG Global Family, who come travel from different parts of the world for the opportunity to meet, and learn directly from, OG Executive Team and top OG Leaders.

WHEN: SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2016 (9:00am) – SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 2016 (3:00pm)


WHY: Here are the 5 top reasons to pack your bags, grab your prospects and head for P50K 2016:

Leadership: When ORGANO™ CEO & Founder Bernie Chua, Co-Founder & Global Master Distributor Shane Morand and Executive Vice President of International Sales & Marketing Holton Buggs appear together on rare occasions to gather the entire OG Global Family, they come with a purpose to drive ORGANO™ closer to the goal of capturing 1% of the global coffee market. The faces you see in the magazines, the Leaders you hear on the Coffee Break Calls and in the videos on YouTube … WILL BE on stage LIVE and IN PERSON!

Announcements: Don’t wait until the grapevine delivers news about the newest products and business boosting tools, hear it straight from the source AND learn how to launch the next phase of your ORGANO™ success. As an added bonus, stop by the OG Store for special Convention-only promotions and limited editions of OG merchandise.

Training: Training sessions pop up at OG conferences on such a regular basis they are legendary. There are training sessions on stage presented as part of General Session, and then there are the impromptu training sessions put on by our Leaders in surrounding conference areas — some by your upline Diamond, others might be put on by Co-Founder and Global Master Distributor Shane Morand or EVP of Sales & Marketing Holton Buggs. How do you know when you’re at an OG conference? By the groups of people huddled in the hallway and lobby of the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas!

NetWORKing: You’ll be surprised how much faster things happen when you are able to shake hands and look your mentor or prospect in the eye while sharing the experience. It’s a moment as real as it gets. Gather with your downline, your upline, and prospects. Learn from each other, catch up, get ahead, build relationships that foster business and most importantly, meet new people who want to do what you are doing… replicating success.

Recognition: Connect with award winners as they share their stories of success and you’ll find out many of our Diamonds in the OG Family went through the same processes and hurdles before finding success. Live Diamond testimonials on stage come from all over the world.

Viva Las Vegas; Rest, Relaxation & Down Time: The city of Las Vegas is known throughout the globe as the Entertainment Capital of the World.  Las Vegas Events in February 2016 include concerts by: Britney Spears, Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez, Iron Maiden, Mariah Carey. Comedy shows in February include stand up comedians Daniel Tosh, Ron White. There is no shortage of live entertainment in Las Vegas – to further explore the infinite number of ways you can enjoy a little rest and relaxation during your OG P50K Training Weekend – here are a couple sites to help navigate your way:

Things to do In Las Vegas This February

What Happens in Las Vegas

It’s a new year, and an epic opportunity – don’t miss P50K 2016 – The Ultimate Training Experience, and learn what makes ORGANO one of the world’s most respected and fastest-growing companies. Please visit the Project 50 Thousand ticketing page  to purchase your tickets and ensure that you don’t miss out on one of the biggest events of the year! #TasteTheGold