Coffee Fit for Kings and Queens

February 13th, 2015|

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, there’s one particular product we reach for — Organo Gold Royal Brewed coffee or BrewKups. […]

Bulletin Barista #21

February 13th, 2015|

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and Organo Gold wants to help you prepare a special surprise for the ones you love.

This […]

Barista Bulletin 20 – OG Brewed Mocha Almond Pancake

February 6th, 2015|

Happy 1st birthday to the OG BrewKups!

It’s been one year since the introduction of our delicious OG BrewKups at P50K […]

Throwback Thursday P50K 2014

February 5th, 2015|

What’s the old aphorism, “time flies when you’re having fun”? We here at Organo Gold would like to amend that […]

Caramel Vanilla Is Here to Stay

February 4th, 2015|

We shouldn’t be surprised that the new Organo Gold Caramel Vanilla BrewKup has proved to be such a hit! So […]

Weekly Focus – Green Tea

February 2nd, 2015|

This week we are featuring our Organic Green Tea, one of the best beverage choices you can make. Green tea […]

Mocha Caramel Vanilla

January 30th, 2015|

Chocolate meets caramel meets vanilla in this delectable and delicious new recipe!

A classic OG product comes together with our newest […]

Coffee Around the World: Caramel and Other Flavors

January 28th, 2015|

We’re not sure who was first inspired to add creamy, delicious caramel to their coffee — but this flavor combination […]

This Holiday Takes the Cake

January 27th, 2015|

Today is, would you believe, National Chocolate Cake Day. Now that’s a holiday that it is easy to support!

But just […]

Caramel Vanilla Has Arrived!

January 23rd, 2015|

In case you haven’t heard, OG just launched its newest and most delectable BrewKup flavor to date – Caramel Vanilla! […]

Vanilla & Caramel — the Perfect Couple

January 21st, 2015|

Everyone at Organo Gold is very excited about this month’s launch of the new Caramel Vanilla BrewKup. Some flavors are […]

The Best BBQ Sauce Recipe

January 20th, 2015|

The holidays may be over, and the new year already in full swing. But we’re still flipping through the OG […]

How to Make a Perfect Cup of OG Black Coffee

January 16th, 2015|

OG Black Coffee is easily one of our most popular drinks ever. As one of our original products that helped shape […]

OG Caramel Vanilla Has Arrived!

January 16th, 2015|

Organo Gold is adding another flavor to the mix, with today’s launch of NEW Caramel Vanilla BrewKup™. This effortlessly blended […]

Top 5 Reasons To Get Excited About 2015

January 12th, 2015|

After talking about the best moments of 2014, it’s now time to turn our attention to 2015. Given how much […]

Drinking coffee like a Latino!

January 9th, 2015|

Today, we want to take you on a trip around Latin America and show you the different ways Latinos drink […]

How to Host a Safe and Hapy New Year Celebration

December 31st, 2014|

How to Host a Safe and Happy New Year Celebration

New Year’s Eve is one of the year’s biggest nights of […]

Top 5 OG Moments 2014 – #2

December 29th, 2014|

In 2014, Organo Gold took the natural step of entering the global brewed coffee market – first

with BrewKups™ in […]

Mushrooms As Dessert

December 21st, 2014|

We know there are a lot of amazing bakers in the Organo Gold community, thanks to the incredible submissions we […]

Introducing Latte Artist Kohei Matsuno

December 16th, 2014|

We are huge fans of latte art here at Organo Gold, so we are very excited to be collaborating with […]

Organo Gold‘s Second Annual OGFamily Holiday Cookbook Now Available

December 9th, 2014|

Organo Gold‘s Second Annual OGFamily Holiday Cookbook Now Available

All Cookbook Proceeds Benefit the OGCares Foundation


Holiday Shopping Habits

December 1st, 2014|

The world media focused a lot this past week on the Black Friday bargain sales that take place the day […]

5 Tips on How to Make OG the Flavor of the Holiday Season

November 29th, 2014|

The holidays are a time for sharing food and quality time with loved ones. And we here at Organo Gold […]

A Perfect Thanksgiving Recipe — Coffee Pecan Pie

November 27th, 2014|

Here at the Organo Gold headquarters in Vancouver, we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving last month, when tables across Canada were laden […]

All you need to know about our New OG Espresso – Part 2

November 25th, 2014|

Following up to last week’s blog, here are some more facts about our newest Organo Gold product line the OG […]

Coffee-Colored Tresses

November 24th, 2014|

Just recently we wrote about how caffeine is a sought-after beauty ingredient, as caffeine can be used to help do […]

When in Rome…

November 20th, 2014|

Organo Gold wows the crowd! That is exactly what happened at the recent standing-room-only event which was held in the […]

All you need to know about our New OG Espresso – Part 1

November 18th, 2014|

With our newest product line Organo Gold Espresso being announced  for the European markets,  We put together some quick facts […]

The Latest Coffee Beauty Benefit — Caffeine & Hair Growth

November 17th, 2014|

We are very vocal fans of the energizing benefits of coffee here at Organo Gold. But these days the humble […]

Organo Gold Launches OG Espresso

November 15th, 2014|

Global Gourmet Coffee Giant Enters European Espresso Market  with Three Distinct Flavor Intensities

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA – November 15, 2014 – […]

Mission to Moscow for Shane Morand

November 6th, 2014|

Global Master Distributor Shane Morand returned to Russia last week, hosting an incredible event in Moscow that included OG leaders […]

Hong Kong’s Coffee Boom

November 4th, 2014|

In honor of OG’s upcoming Thailand event, we are spotlighting coffee cultures in Asia. Let’s start with Hong Kong.

According to […]

Introducing the first-ever OG Holiday Gift pack

November 4th, 2014|

The holiday season is right around the corner, which means it’s time to keep the perfect holiday gifts on your […]

Organo Gold Unveils Holiday Gift Collection

November 3rd, 2014|

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA – November 3, 2014 – Organo Gold, the gourmet coffee company that caters to consumers active lifestyles, […]

Pumpkin Spice Latte — OG style

October 31st, 2014|

Countries all over the world celebrate Halloween – all with their own cultural twist. No matter where you live or what spin […]

Portuguese Mazagran Coffee

October 28th, 2014|

Lemonade may not be the first beverage to spring to mind when you think of Organo Gold, or coffee for […]

Healthy Recipes with OG

October 27th, 2014|

Green Tea

Pasta with chicken and broccoli may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of […]

Cold Coffee: The Latest Lifestyle “It” Drink

October 22nd, 2014|

At Organo Gold, we have always been big fans of iced coffee. But the iced coffee-flavored beverage has been evolving […]

Six fun Facts About Grape Seed Oil — Grape Stuff!

October 22nd, 2014|

Grapeseed Oil is one of the most underappreciated miracles… but we are going to change all of that.

Read on to […]

Coffee Spanish Style

October 21st, 2014|

Today in OG Treasures we are taking a virtual trip to beautiful Spain, with this look at some of the […]

8 Coffee History Fun Facts

October 17th, 2014|

When we walk sleepily into the kitchen each morning to fix a cup of our favorite Organo Gold coffee, most […]

On National Dessert Day – Take a Coffee Cake Break!

October 14th, 2014|

One of our favorite times of day here at Organo Gold is our afternoon coffee break. In many cultures, taking […]

8 Stimulating Facts About Coffee

October 14th, 2014|

For us here at Organo Gold, coffee certainly is a stimulating subject. And it is such a fascinating topic of […]

Christopher Columbus: The Man Who Brought Us Coffee and Cacao Beans

October 13th, 2014|

In America, every school child learns the rhyme about how Christopher Columbus “sailed the ocean blue in 1492.”And October 12, […]

Magnificent Mushrooms

October 12th, 2014|

We are constantly astounded not only by how amazing the Ganoderma Lucidum mushroom is, but also by how other-worldy it […]

The Magic Number 4 – Part 2

September 27th, 2014|

In our second part of our two blogs we will be going over, ‘The 4 Questions’ you need to ask […]

Brazilian Coffee: A Big Part of the Economy and Culture

September 16th, 2014|

Brazil is one of the largest producers of coffee in the world, so coffee is a big part of the […]

OGlicious Recipe: Coffee-Glazed Candied Nuts

September 15th, 2014|

Ideal for the fast-approaching holiday season, these delicious nuts are a little bit spicy, a little bit sweet, a little […]

An OGlicious Double Choc Milkshake Recipe

September 12th, 2014|

At Organo Gold we love celebrating some of the slightly more wacky national holidays —be it National Coffee Ice Cream […]

Lavender Iced Coffee — An Unexpected Delight

September 9th, 2014|

One of our favorite things about Organo Gold’s coffee products is the hidden delight that is Ganoderma lucidum. Its incredible […]

How to Create Outstanding OGlicious Entries

August 27th, 2014|

Our hot (and iced) tips on how to ensure your entry in the OGlicious Recipe Contest catches the eye of […]

Not Iced Coffee, ‘Cold Brewed Coffee’

August 26th, 2014|

Until recently, the words “cold”and “brewed”rarely appeared together outside the menus of seriously hip coffee roasters. Now though, they are […]

Say Goodbye to Dry Skin

August 19th, 2014|

Six quick and easy tips to help prevent dry skin.

Whether it’s the cold snap of winter or the dehydrating heat […]

6 More Reasons to Drink Coffee Daily

August 1st, 2014|

We had to complete our list before the weekend,

so here are the final six  reasons to drink coffee daily!

Not only […]

5 Reasons to Drink OG Today!

July 31st, 2014|

Why drinking coffee every day is good for your health.

Here at OG, we can come up with countless reasons to […]

An Introduction to Cuban Coffee

July 28th, 2014|

The influence of the Cuban population is everywhere in Miami —in the culture, the food, the music, the nightlife and […]

It’s National Coffee Milkshake Day

July 26th, 2014|

Yes, you read that right. Today, July 26, is National Coffee Milkshake Day! We’re not making this up. We couldn’t […]

Velvet Skin — Get It While You Can!

July 24th, 2014|

The heat of summer can really take a toll on the skin — so Organo Gold is campaigning against dry skin […]

A History of Latte Art

July 21st, 2014|

Who doesn’t enjoy their latte that a little bit more when the barista goes to the trouble of adding a […]

Caffeine — The Ultimate Workout Boost

July 18th, 2014|

It’s official — gone are the days of people thinking of coffee consumption as a “vice.”Recent scientific findings indicate that coffee […]

Italy: A Nation of Coffee Lovers

July 16th, 2014|

They sure do love their coffee in Italy —it’s almost impossible to picture Italy without those small white espresso cups […]

Coffee in the Dominican Republic

July 15th, 2014|

Organo Gold celebrates two years in the Dominican Republic this month— and business is booming. The success of Organo Gold in […]

Coffee in Argentina

July 13th, 2014|

We know they take soccer pretty seriously in Argentina. So, as the Argentinian team faces off against Germany today in […]

Keeping It Simple

July 12th, 2014|

It’s not one of the big global holidays — such as Earth Day or Valentine’s Day—so you may not be aware […]

Cool Down with Hot Coffee … Seriously!

July 6th, 2014|

Tom McKay wrote and posted this article on news.mic and we had to share.

Those weird people drinking scalding-hot cups of […]

Green Tea: The Beneficial Brew

July 5th, 2014|

We’ve written before about some of the amazing health benefits of green tea — it can help with cardiovascular health, lower […]

Sweet Fun Facts About Honey

June 18th, 2014|

It offers a seemingly simple natural sweetness to one of our favorite summer products, Organo Gold Black Ice, which of […]

Los Angeles: Land of Coffee and Cinema

June 10th, 2014|

Many a screenwriter can often be seen toting a large latte to help them get through a script. So it’s […]

All the Coffee in China 

June 8th, 2014|

China was the birthplace of tea almost 5,000 years ago, when it is said that tea leaves fell into a […]

OG Takes on Taipei!

June 7th, 2014|

Taipei is city of over two and a half million people that is considered the economic, political and cultural center […]

Japan and Tea — A Rich History

June 3rd, 2014|

Yesterday, we looked at how tea arrived in Japan, by way of Buddhist scholars who brought it back from China […]

King of Coffee now available in Australia and New Zealand

June 1st, 2014|

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA – June 1, 2014 – Organo Gold, the global gourmet coffee company that caters to consumers’ active […]

Coffee in the Philippines

May 29th, 2014|

Coffee is becoming increasingly popular in the Philippines, both as a beverage and as revitalized agricultural industry. Here are some […]

France: A History Steeped in Coffee

May 28th, 2014|

Join Organo Gold in our salute to the French Open by honoring (what else?) France’s coffee history!
When France is mentioned, […]

She’s a Peach — Atlanta Style Iced Tea

May 26th, 2014|

In honor of the women of Atlanta, Georgia — and all those women in Atlanta today attending the amazing and inspiring […]

Inside the Teacup

May 24th, 2014|

You may not be alone if you’re hard-pressed to explain the meaning of the term “tasseography” — but it’s the […]

Summer Time = Tea Time

May 22nd, 2014|

Summer is here in the northern hemisphere, and it’s an exciting time for us at OG for many reasons, but […]

10 Fun Facts About Soap

May 21st, 2014|

It’s easy to tell when people first start using Organo Gold’s Premium G3 Beauty Soap — they generally cannot stop talking […]

Africa: A Coffee Continent

May 17th, 2014|

Ethiopia is thought to have been the birthplace of coffee — by now we all know the story of the Ethiopian […]

Get Some OG Satisfaction

May 14th, 2014|

“I can’t get no — satisfaction.” It’s one of the most universally recognized song lyrics in the world — from who else […]

International Nurses Day and Vitality

May 12th, 2014|

International Nurses Day is celebrated around the world every year on May 12, the day on which Florence Nightingale, the […]

Flavor Mom’s Day with OG

May 11th, 2014|

Here at Organo Gold, we’re big fans of anything and everything coffee flavored. And as you may recall from our […]

A Timeline of Tea History

May 7th, 2014|

We’ve explained before the semantics of the naming of Organo Gold’s Red Tea product. While in the West we generally […]

A History-Making Discovery

May 3rd, 2014|

As we take a look at this day in history, a very significant event took place on May 3, way […]

Go OG Green for Earth Day

April 22nd, 2014|

At Organo Gold, we are proud of our environmentally friendly ethos — everything from the environmentally conscious way we grow, harvest […]

Hot Chocolate’s Aztec History

April 16th, 2014|

For that one gasp of winter that is hanging on!

People tend to think of hot chocolate as a warm, comforting […]

Coffee probably doesn’t dehydrate you, after all

April 12th, 2014|

This short article by Peter Weber was published by The Week on April 7, 2014.

We’ve all heard the warning: […]

USA is Gourmet All The Way

April 11th, 2014|

It seems consumers are switching to gourmet coffee options — according to a market research study published April 7, 2014 on […]

What Your Coffee Reveals About Your Personality

April 10th, 2014|

More from UK Coffee Week …. From The Telegraph, April 7, 2014

The type of coffee that you drink could reveal […]

Blue Mountain Grown Coffee

April 9th, 2014|

Organo Gold is really proud of its Premium Gourmet Royal Brewed coffee product. This smooth, flavorful coffee uses hand-sorted beans […]

Enjoying OG’s Organic Products

April 7th, 2014|

As Organo Gold expands across Europe, sharing our ganoderma-enhanced coffees, teas and other beverages and products with people all across […]

Fun Facts About Coffee in Europe

March 31st, 2014|

We are off to Rome – the site of Organo Gold’s First European Convention. In celebration, we rounded up some […]

Ginseng and Coffee: The Perfect Pairing

March 26th, 2014|

We don’t like to play favorites — but there is something truly special about Organo Gold’s Café Supreme. This light, […]

Espresso Machine History 101

March 21st, 2014|

Espresso is defined as “coffee brewed by forcing a small amount of nearly boiling water under pressure through finely ground […]

Coffee, European Style

March 20th, 2014|

Organo Gold is on fire in Europe — launching Portugal operations in February and its first European Convention in Rome…. […]

Mocha Madness

March 19th, 2014|

This month, forget March Madness, we here at OG are declaring it the month of Mocha Madness! And we don’t […]

Healthy Green Drinks to Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day!

March 17th, 2014|

Whether you’re a fan of iced green tea, more of a coffee frappe type, or a vegan who loves their […]

It’s Easy Being Green

March 16th, 2014|

One of the most famous “greenies” of all time, the inimitable Kermit the Frog, was mistaken when he said, “It’s […]

The Two C’s of New World History

March 15th, 2014|

On March 15, 1493, Christopher Columbus returned to Spain after his first voyage to the New World. The 2 C’s […]

Thanks a Latte!

March 12th, 2014|

Organo Gold Gourmet Cafe Latte, in its golden yellow box, is one of our top-selling products. The luxurious drink blends […]