As a global family, ORGANO™ is celebrating Black History Month – a time for recognizing the achievements, and central role, of African Americans in U.S. history. Earlier in the month, ORGANO™ highlighted the contributions of Martin Luther King, Jr. and a few (of the too many to mention) heroic and inspiring African American Women, now it’s time to highlight some of the Men! Many of these men have gone unrecognized for their contributions, but their significance is now being rediscovered. Join us in recognizing a few of these ground breaking men (again too many to mention), whose pioneering efforts changed the course of history – in every aspect of our lives!


Thurgood Marshall is known as the first Black Justice of the United States Supreme Court but he is really defined by his work as a civil rights lawyer which redefined life in the United States.

Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. loomed as a giant in the Black community of Harlem, not only as the pastor of the Abyssinian Baptist Church, but also as a community activist and as the first African-American to represent New York in the United States House of Representatives.

Benjamin O. Davis, Jr. is remembered for many things: Being the first Black Air Force General, leading the Tuskegee Airmen flight squadron and standing up to the military establishment in advancing the cause of Black soldiers. More than that, he is a symbol of the ability of a Black man to preserver through obstacles on the path towards excellence.


George Washington Carver was born in 1860 in Diamond Grove, Missouri and in spite of earlier issues would advance to become one of the most commemorated and highly regarded scientists in United States history. His significant discoveries and methods allowed farmers through the South and Midwest to become successful and profitable.

Percy Julian should be a name known to all of society for the contributions he made to the field of science. His research and development of synthetic compounds made him one of the most significant contributors to science and health care in the 20th century.

Lloyd Hall made  significant contributions to society by developing new methods of food preservation and sterilization which eliminated spoilage and health hazards and enhanced efficiency and profitability for food suppliers.

Elijah McCoy may be a mystery to most people, but the scale of his ingenuity and the quality of his creations have created a level of distinction which bears his name.  McCoy left behind a legacy of excellent inventions that would benefit the world for another century and his name would come to stand for superior workmanship – the Real McCoy!


Jesse Owens was more than just a celebrated athlete, Jesse Owens took his country on his shoulders and shocked the world winning four gold medal in the 1939 Berlin Olympic Games.

Hank Aaron is acknowledged as one of the greatest hitters to every play in Major League Baseball and owner many of the most revered records in the game, but he is known best as the man who broke baseball’s greatest record, Babe Ruth’s 714 home runs.

Wilt Chamberlain is universally recognized as one of the greatest basketball players in history, but he may well be the most under-rated players in history.

Charlie Sifford was a pioneer in the world of golf, helping to dismantle the “Caucasian-only clause” and opened the game of golf to generations of Black golfers.

Civil Rights

Frederick Douglass was the most well-known Black person in America as he bravely fought for the cause of the abolishment of slavery in the United States.

Bayard Rustin spent years in the background of the shadows of the great civil rights leader of the 1960′s, despite being the man who taught, organized and led them.


Langston Hughes was one of the most celebrated and respected writers/poets of the Harlem Renaissance and was a fore bearer of great authors of the Black Experience.

William Hastie had one of the most distinguished careers as an earlier Black political pioneer but today remains unknown to most Americans. As a politician, an educator and a jurist, Hastie made inroads and left a legacy that is hard to match in history.

For those who believe dreams are impossible or that society can’t be changed by one person’s efforts,   need only look to these men as role models. Their bravery and determination acted as catalysts for profound change in the world, and each had only one thing in common – the belief that he could make it happen!  Yes they could, and with ORGANO™ … You Can Too!    #TasteTheGold