Picture this…

It’s Black Friday. You had the best meal of your life last night. You told your family what you were thankful for. But – there’s something still missing, that one thing you’ve wanted all year. Yes, that. Now it’s Black Friday and it’s on sale. Nothing is going to get in the way of you getting your hands on this precious gift. So, you pull yourself out of your food coma to wake up bright and early (or before the sun even rises) to make your way over to the store. You wait in line for what feels like an eternity. But none of that matters as soon as you lay your eyes on the prize. You make a beeline for it. You are so close. But then, out of nowhere, a stranger with a little more pep in their step grabs a hold of it. You look around hoping, praying, that there’s one more left. But, they grabbed the last one. Do you throw a punch? Do you trip to rip it from their iron clasp? No. Instead let’s rewind. If you had woken up and started the morning with a nice hot cup of black coffee, you would have been more alert. You wouldn’t have been groggy. You’d walk with a purpose and would be able to grab that gift before the other person would have even laid eyes on it. What better way to spend Black Friday than with a cup of Black Coffee.

It’s no surprise that the competition is steep on this shopping holiday. In fact, it attracts more people than Disneyland. In 2014 in North America, the OG Holiday Headquarters, 22 million people visited Walmart on Thanksgiving while 18.5 million took a trip to Disneyworld in the whole year. So, you’ll definitely need a hot cup o’ joe to wake you up Friday morning knowing that more people decided to shop on Black Friday, than go to Disneyland so the competition may be steeper than you think. While we await them to dub Walmart the next Happiest Place on Earth, fill yourself a cup of Organo™ Gourmet Black Coffee. It’s the perfect way to jump start your day. Black Friday is no stranger to long lines, especially with the 102 million shopper turn out last year, and Organo™ has pre-brewed coffee to get you out the door quicker. Just add the packet to hot water, stir, and enjoy your hot coffee in line and on the go as you watch others wishing they had what you had.

Black Friday isn’t just designated to Friday anymore. Not only can people start shopping on Thanksgiving, but you can also snag all the best online deals from your home on Cyber Monday. So, you can shop however you’d like. Similarly, you can enjoy a cup of Organo™ Gourmet Black coffee however you’d like that as well. It’s made with no added creams or sugars so you can make it how you like it best. No matter how you choose to spend the weekend – you can never go wrong with a hot cup of Organo™ coffee.

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PSST… we’ll be launching a black coffee photo contest next week so be sure to bring your coffee and camera shopping with you!