Meet the newest tool to help you build your ORGANO™ business

The OG Blog has been revamped, refreshed, and revitalized to become your one stop shop for all things ORGANO™. Whether it’s breaking news, event updates, or even an inspirational recognition story, you’ll find everything you want — and then some — right here.

The blog is designed not only to keep you informed, but to also build your business more efficiently. Let’s take a look at 10 ways the ORGANO™ Blog can help boost your business and turn you into the next great OG Success Story.


1-     Educate your customers about new products

Need help staying in Zone 1? Our blog can help! Whenever new products are launched, the OG blog covers everything you and your customers need to know. It makes it easy for you and your team to promote the product and secure more retail sales.

Quick Tip: Whenever you share a blog post on social media, include your Distributor ID so if a customer signs up or purchases the product, you get credit for the sale.

2-     Ganoderma, Ganoderma and more Ganoderma.

Finding good Ganoderma content to share is not always easy. That’s why we organized the blog to make it easier for you to find all the posts we’ve done about this magical herb. Whether you’re looking for information on Mycelium or need 8 reasons to love this amazing treasure of the earth, our new blog has you covered.

3-     A full section dedicated to business tips and how to grow your business

Master the art of sharing top content, learn how to stay in Zone 1, or boost your leadership skills with articles that are tailored for our industry. The “Business Tips” section is designed to help you succeed in your day to day business. Share articles with your team and prospects as a way to show the daily support you get from your company.

4-     Learn from the best with Guest Posts.

There are several reasons to be excited about this brand new category. First off, it’s a chance for you to showcase your writing skills and be recognized as a thought leader in the Industry. Secondly, it’s a chance to show the OG family the kind of leadership our company has and what they have to offer.

Who can write a Guest Post? Initially, we’ll invite some of the top OG leaders. But eventually the opportunity will be offered to the top Distributors for the month of ANY rank. What can you write about? Well, we want you to inspire people and to write content that can help someone brand new to the company succeed. At the same time, the article should highlight your accomplishments and provide the reader with value and a learning opportunity.

5-     Get the latest scoop on our Corporate Events.

Did you hear about the Sapphire Leadership Bootcamp? How about the last Asia convention? Attending events is a key part of the four steps of success for your OG business. That’s why we dedicated an entire category to highlight events and give you the latest news about what’s happening. Learn who will be going, where it will be, how to qualify, and where to purchase tickets. You can also find details about local corporate events such as country openings and anniversary celebrations. Basically, everything and anything you need to know about OG Events can be found right here. Be sure to bookmark this page.

6-     Become a “trend setter” with our Trending topics.

Trending topics are a great way to increase the reach of your message and promote OG at the same time. Let’s face it, people don’t want to be sold to on Social Media. A way around that is to place the product promotion inside content they want to read. For example, if we talk about National Chocolate Day, we’ll mention our delicious OG Hot Chocolate in a way that doesn’t sound too “salesy”. We plan our trending blog content around topics that have the potential to go “viral”, allowing you to tap into content that people are already sharing.

7-     Travel the world without leaving your office.

OG has presence in over 50 countries. Staying on top of the latest news from around the world can be very challenging. But not anymore!

With OG World, you can stay connected with everything that’s happening across the globe. Many of our Distributors have Sales Organizations that expand beyond borders and for them, staying connected to what’s happening is critical to success. The OG World category will centralize the content and news from around the world in one convenient location, making it as easy as ever to stay connected with your global OG Family.

8-     Increase sales with the latest promotional offers and incentives

For Distributors who are taking advantage of the new Preferred Customer program, this is the page you need to share with your customers. Every month we offer new promotions and giveaways that can help boost your retail sales. Share the page on your social media accounts and make sure you get full credit for the sale by adding your Distributor ID to the post.

9-     Recognize outstanding achievers

The Recognition category is the perfect place to find stories from Distributors who have made significant contributions to ORGANO™ and their own sales organizations. Get inspired by their stories and share it with your team as a way to boost their morale and show that everyone in OG has the same opportunity to succeed, regardless of where they started from.

10-  Stay in the know with Corporate Buzz

Here at OG we love to launch new products, programs, and incentives. Keeping up with all the news can be challenging. This is why we reorganized the blog to make sure you never miss an important announcement. All of the company’s press releases are posted here for all of our Distributors to share and read.

If you’re serious about becoming the next OG Success Story, then this is the blog for you. It’s time to get connected and show the world the what ORGANO™ has to offer.